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New settlement location and land mass

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Hello again !!!

Before i start i would again love to thank those that find it in their hearts to donate.
If you only knew how much it helps.
Thank you all and i hope you have a great holiday season...

Now about this mod...
This my friends was made with builders in mind...and especially for a specific builder that
has come to surprise us many times with the builds that he does.( HERE is a example of his work ).
So i did this mod to give him some space to create.

Its basically a new land mass situated between the castle,warwick and spectacle island.
Its not connected to any of those locations directly but with the use of a placing mod like place everywhere or place in red reborn  you can easily connect  to any of them.Ive purposely made beaches  towards Spectacle and Warwick to make it easy to cross over using some pier parts etc.. The Castle is the exception though since the  only land access is at the corner of the lake next to the castle's side entrance.
I havent built any housing or stores etc.. except for the main gate's guard hut  and a small shack where you will find the workshop.

On the location you will also find a lighthouse and next to it a water and food gen.(power next to it)

This IS a fully capable settlement location  and has been tested as such.

I also installed a NPC spawner to populate it fast because the location is quite huge..

Other resources include a bit of flora and some guard posts (also a marker over the main entrance).

Note: tested with my spectacle island mod and only saw a tiny terrain reset where the beach chairs are in front of the motel  everything else seemed to be in place including docks etc..

Thats it !!!
Cant wait to see what you do with this monster  :P

As always...
If you enjoy the mod please Endorse and anyone that feels like i deserve more love you can also donate...

HAVE FUN and i hope you all have a great holiday season....