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Bring Cliffs Edge Hotel to its full potential! All rooms are accessible, all areas navmeshed, full settlement functionality, and adds a four story blank wing for the player to do what they please! Complete with a custom workshop edge that also envelopes the small abandoned inn nearby.

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What does this mod do?

Cliff's Edge Hotel was always my favorite location in the Far Harbor DLC, though there never was any real use of the place aside from an escort mission through the entire thing. This is to fully open it up and give it the potential of growing it into the largest settlement on the island.

Basically where there was a closed door, there is now a fully navmeshed room. There are only three doors (not including elevators) in the entire hotel that are still static and that's only because there was not enough space behind them to justify opening them up. A couple of elevators have been added here and there, however you are now able to simply walk from one end to the other with connected hallways and repaired stairwells.  There are also a couple of aesthetic changes here and there, nothing too complex. Most are just rearrangements that I felt made the hotel feel more like, well a hotel. This includes some fountains, chair rearrangement, a luggage desk, vending machines, awnings on the patio AND fixing the rotation of the wall in the dining area.

This does not touch the Pearl 'Brain Dead' escort quest. I made sure to leave all her markers intact and play tested the mission on my modded and un-modded saves. It will make the quest slightly wonky because she will fly over furniture and still take the long way around to the elevator, I can't really do anything about that. She will still make it despite running into things, but if that bothers you, you can always get her to the elevator first and install this second. :)

Current Version - Updates:

UPDATED TO V3 (1.3) - This now has newly generated precombined meshes and visibility after some more testing to replicate problems users were having. This should fix the walls this time around. Modified the workbench so that killing enemies is not a requirement.

Will this conflict with anything/Does it require anything?

Other than other mods that will change Cliff's Edge
, it really shouldn't. I made it using only vanilla assets. The obvious requirement would be Far Harbor, however it does have a master stuck to it for Nuka World. You should be able to use it without the Nuka World add-on, I generally can't figure out what it is that's causing that and it's probably something as small as a texture swap. It should cause no functional issues. 

Additional Ideas:

If there is interest for it, I was thinking of making additional versions, one with full repairs (no broken walls, etc.) and one fully furnished (decorated and built up as how I envisioned it). As of now that's a maybe.

Suggested Add-ons for this mod:

Although you don't need anything for this, I would suggest using this mod for seamless building at the hotel as it adds its specific walls:
Snappy DLC Kits
(Keep in mind you cannot scrap current walls, this is only to build any additional walls in the player wing if you want to divide up the large spaces)

Known issues:

At the moment there isn't many but there is some strange Z-fighting on the lower ring windows of the dining area. This only happens in the distance and disappears as you get closer. I'm not sure what's causing this.
The second floor has a broken window on the inside vs. the window looking whole from the outside. This is from duplicating the third floor interior windows to build the hall. I can't do anything to fix this without having to make a new mesh. This doesn't effect anything other than a aesthetic discrepancy.


Please bear in mind this is my first mod ever, if there is any issues please let me know so I can look into it. I'll do what I can to try and figure out all issues.

Many thanks to those who downloaded and tried out my mod!