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This mod re-makes all vanilla companions so that they do not affect your stealth(Sneaking).

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This mod re-makes all vanilla companions and Ada so that they do not affect your stealth meter(Sneaking). Of all the companions only Cait has the ability to not affect your stealth. Now they all do. So no-more Dogmeat setting off mines or being spotted while sneaking! So that’s one less reason to shoot your poor puppy.

The mod works by giving the basic perk level all four levels of sneak. Bethesda now uses this to give companions the ability to sneak as well.
My mod goes further by adding the dosn't affect stealth meter perk. This makes it so your companion dosn't affect your sneaking even if they are seen.
My mod also changes the behavior of Dogmeats follow packages so he dosn't keep right in front of you. He will still look at you, however it will be twice as far away as vanilla.

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