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Fishing comes to Fallout 4!!! This mod allows you to craft a fishing rod that you can use while standing in any body of water and you can catch Radfish!

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This mod adds a new craftable fishing rod to the CHEMLAB's Utility Menu. This item requires you to find a normal scrap fishing rod in order to craft it.

Once crafted, you simply go and stand in any body of water - to the point where rads would kick in and equip the fishing rod. Sadly this is the SOLE means of determining if the player is in/near a body of water. When you have aquaboy/aquagirl, this fishing system will still work, you just wont be soaking up rads.

If you are not in an appropriate depth, up to the knees, usually, the mod will not allow you to fish - same goes for if you are found to be in a combat state. But, if you are at an appropriate depth, the fishing animation will play and you will either catch a fish, catch nothing or pull up some scrap item or other.

Raw fish can be turned into Radfish Filets in any cooking station.

Fishing is 100% animated with the fishing rod being cast out and reeled in!!!

Thats it, thats all there is to it. Simple fishing, anywhere there's water, any time. For ease of use, I personally add the fishing rod to my favorite's bar so that I dont have to keep going into the pipboy to fish. Or if you use a hotkey mod, add it to that to simplify your life.

Thanks Degenerate Dak for the review (starts at 3:42)!


The animation state respects your current camera perspective (1st/3rd) and will play in that mode. There may be minor clipping of the left arm into the camera, depending on what you are wearing. Nothing to be done for this sadly.

For users of my Immersion Essentials mod, soon to be known as Advanced Needs 76, you do NOT need to install this at all. This is just a small standalone, ripped out of the greater whole that is Advanced Needs next iteration.

Odds of catching a fish is 50%. If you don't catch a fish, there is a 75% chance you get nothing and a 25% you will snag a scrap item.

It is an identified issue that an equipped weapon does not unequip - was not aware of notations for the animation to remove/readd them, but am now. Will correct that for the next update. For now, just unequip your weapon before fishingThis has been resolved as of v1.0.1!


Simply install as you would any other mod. Load order will be irrelevant as there are no edits to vanilla forms within this mod.


You can actually remove this mod at any time as the script instances function ONLY when your fishing rod is in use. But really, you shouldn't remove mods in the middle of a playthrough anyways, but... if you really feel you must, you could.


Any mod that changes the water in the game, to remove the radiation spell applied to the player, will make it so the fishing interceptor won't work. Only way to resolve this is to ensure your water gives off rads. Aside from this, there are no other incompatibilities known.

Optional File(s):

There is an optional file available that adds the Fisherman's Outfit and the Fisherman's Overalls from Far Harbor, to the chemlab's Utility crafting menu. These hip waders block rads coming from standing in water, perfect for early game characters looking to get their fish-on. You must own Far Harbor for this addon to install and activate. No edits, you can put it whereever you want in your load order - its only dependency is Far Harbor itself.

Commonwealth Fishing In Action

Thanks to:

Thanks for Seebo and Kinggath for performing the Mixamo to FO4CATRig conversion for the fishing animation and providing it for all to use!
Thanks to GloriousWarrior for helping me sort out a problem with frozen transforms on the animObject.