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Featured in the Welcome to Paradise Wabbajack modlist by Phoenix, FallOpt is an optimized ENB for the vanilla weather system.

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I now have my own channel on collective modding's discord - The SpringBoard.
Please report any issues or visit to see any projects I’m currently working on.

Now the ENB for Welcome To Paradise Wabbajack modlist by Phoenix. Check it out if you want a stable fuss free Fallout 4 experience.

This is for those of you that like the vanilla feel and style but wish there was a way of making it look a little more consistent without a large FPS hit.

Massive update for V2.0> Please read below for required ini tweak

After an awful lot of trial and error and user feedback I have decided to disable ENB AO in favor of HBAO+ with custom INI tweaks by me.
The reasoning behind this is first and foremost performance. This ENB will always be about gameplay over additional or overblown artistic effects and I felt this was the best way to go. Also ENB AO has a nasty habit of strobing on noisy textures (like corrugated steel sheets in DC) and I could not rectify this without affecting performance even more. The NVHBAO settings I have posted below do a very good job of mimicking the AO settings I used before to get the skin looking right without a lot of the darkening that happens around objects in the environment. 
I have also updated the brightness settings and gamma curve to reduce the effect of the vanilla lighting looking blown out on textures and much more natural. Fear not, the vanilla aesthetic you all love is still very much preserved. 
I have also fixed an oversight with distant fog causing LOD to glow and certain times of day and different weather conditions.

V2.1 now includes Lumasharpening to counter the blur introduced by TAA. This is all it does, and costs an incredibly small amount of performance to do so.(roughly 1% from my testing)


This ENB:
Uses Lumasharpening to counter TAA blurriness **VERY SUBTLE NOT OVERSHARPENED!**
Darkens nights (not too much)
Reduces vanilla blown out lighting effect (more noticeable indoors)
Greatly reduces interior fog
Includes an INI tweak that mimics costly ENB AO
Modifies fog distance (to retain consistency with the darker nights)
Tweaks rain to actually look like rain.
Different values for set times of the day, all made to suit the vanilla lighting and weather.
Lots of other small tweaks that contribute to the overall effect.

This ENB does not:
Use a modified DOF
Use a different Bloom setting (The institute will not blind you!)
Radically alter the aesthetic from vanilla.

If you are unsure how to install an ENB please follow the instructions here:

How to Install an ENB

This should be very performance friendly for most of you but it is still an ENB so there will be a hit if you play at high frame rates. [email protected] should be achievable by all but the most spud like PCs however.

For reference my specs are:

AMD 3600x CPU
Nvidia 1080ti GPU
32gb Ram
1tb sata ssd 

I play at 1440p with everything on ultra and get 80-120 FPS.

Recommended Mods:
Mods that I have found that this ENB compliments well and fit the overall "vanilla +" theme.

Clarity By BourneMcReady. This cleans up various effects and pairs nicely with my fog tweaks.
Commonwealth Climate By Qolore7. This is a nice vanilla based weather overhaul if you like your wasteland a little more washed out with darker nights
Institute Floor Fix By Me. This greatly reduces the floor glare you get when using an enb in the institute. Just 2 texture files but it makes a difference.


Just installed it...And OMG, I love it! Looks awesome.. The lights, and the shadows with the colours looks amazing!  The perfomance is really good even with my potato PC, there's no any big fps loss or something and not even a small lag. Runs like a charm!”   - kosurasag

"Really nice simple enb with great performance so far!... This should be the go to for people looking for a simple enb!"  -CausticFox98

"I am a purist. With over 2500 hours 95% of the time without mods.
and I've tested dozens..For me only your mod worth it"  -

All Donation points from my mods go to Make a Wish Foundation.