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Custom Legendary Modifications - You get to have completely custom legendary effects that work with both the vanilla legendary effects and the other custom legendary mods, other than this one.

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Hey everyone,

-- You can find the final update 1.09 youtube video at https://youtu.be/czmfYHXwqvk --

I apologise for the lack of updates for these past months.

It would be good for me to continue working on my mod, however, I have been busy with my work and I've got my own courses I need to go through, which will take me long time to finish.

That means I am retiring from updating this mod as this course is essential to my work.

I grant permission to anyone who wants to upload their own version of my mod, or add parts of my mod to their mod, please ensure you give credit where it's due.

Thank you everyone for helping me shape my mod, whether it's through feedbacks, bug reports and your complaints. They were helpful enough for me to fix my mistakes, and fix up the whole system.

Besides, I couldn't expand on the mods listed within my google docs, make a PS4 variant and make a DLC-free version of this mod as I originally planned.

If my circumstances were better, I would had them planned to be done within a reasonable timeframe, but looking at this, I do not think it's possible for me now.
Happy modding everyone!


UPDATE (Dated 23 February 2017): I have completely remade my mod from the groundsup. However there are a few changes with this: I have made my decision not to include a very few mods that already do the same thing with others. Otherwise most of them are untouched. 

I will continue to support this mod as much as I can, however you won't be seeing updates from me as frequently as you used to due to my work. I apologise for that but I will do my best to complete your requests. 

Please let me know if there are any bugs, I will do my best to rectify that.


This mod contains multiple custom legendary effects. Most of them have been made by the requests of users as well as the variants of their requests. I also have experimented with several different effects. 

The request templates should be:
Name: Name of effect or legendary.
Weapon or armor: whichever you me to make.
Cost: 00 xx (00 meaning how much you want that said xx = material costs)
Effect: State what effect you want

Example below:
Name: Real Lucky
Weapon or armor: Weapon
Cost: 10 nuclear fusions
Effect: Increases your critical chances to 100%

This should be enough for me to figure out what you want.

Compatibility -
There shouldn't be any compatibility issues since my custom legendary modifications use completely new and custom records. 
Automatron DLC required by the way.

Installation -
1. Just install it however you like. It's a single .ESP file with mesh and sound folders. 
2. After installing it, I suggest you go to chemistry workstation and build yourself (CLM) Config Menu holotape and use it to choose what versions you want to go with)

Uninstall instructions -
1. Prior to uninstalling Custom Legendary Modficiations, look for any of your equipment that has custom legendary effects.
2. Look for a nearby armor or weapon workbench for your relevant gear. Take them off.
3. Then save the game. You can just uninstall the mod from there.

- Also, I would recommend using teaLz's Legendary Modification if you want to re-apply the vanilla effects, before uninstalling this mod as this mod does not come with the vanila effects to ensure compatibility.

Credit (Please consider endorsing the mod authors whose effects I borrowed from their mods to implement in my mod that made several custom legenday effects possible):
teaLz - for the inspiration that came from his Legendary Modification mod and showing me how to create the custom legendary modifications and then make them craftable. 
lilkandeekid - for helping me out with the disintegration effects. I now have several ideas on how to make it work with the bodies actually disappearing for good rather than coming back.
Bitflip - For allowing me to publish and incorporate his fire shield mod effect from his mod. His mod is not required for the fire shield effect to work. fire shield mod effect is pretty cool :D.
Granverion (And his girlfriend)- Suggesting the automatron assaultron head laser effect. I found the vanilla explosion effect that the assaultron head laser uses. The red laser works perfectly now. I should note you do not need Automatron DLC for this.
GLITCHEDMATRIX - For his Fireclaw Whisky mod. Took the effects from there.
Sean_s - For his Grenade Expansion Pack mod. My mod contains several explosion effects that will be implemented in future versions
fireundubh - For helping me with a script to add the CLM Menu holotape to player's inventory after loading, without crashing.
Diranar - For his colored laser assets. Not yet in the mod as I have yet to get it working. Once the methods for the standalone lasers become available, I will use his assets. He gave me permission to use his assets from Prismatic Lasers mod.
cdante - help with script.

The mods used within the videos are:
Alpha Site
Weaponsmith Extended
Armorsmith Extended

Also known as Deadmansprice on Bethesda.net

List of Requests currently being worked on

List of Requests that can't be done

List of completed mods

DISCLAIMER - I intend this mod to remain in the NEXUS and Bethesda.net. You may not upload to other websites without my permission. Also cannot be held legally responsible for disappearance of the unfortunate.. persons that happened to "walk" into my experimental areas.