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Adds Quantum Storms from Fallout 76's Fallout Worlds mode to Nuka-World.

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This adds the Quantum Storm from Fallout 76 into Nuka-World. I'm not really an expert at how weather works in the game, but I have stood about the bottling plant with time sped up and seen the storm occur naturally, so I know it can trigger at least. I might try and finetune the frequency if people feel it's warranted.

This will replace regular radstorms for the DLC, so you can pretend that these Quantum Storms are leaking chemicals from the bottling plant reacting with regular radstorms. I was tempted to make the Quantum Storm a permanent feature around the plant, but thought that might be a bit obnoxious. I'm open to setting that up though if people think it's a good idea.

If you want to trigger Quantum Storms outside of Nuka-World, type in the console command "fw xx001066" to force the weather to change. Substitute XX for this .esp's position in your load order.