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Insect behavioral changes, realistic sizes sound and speed.

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The goal is to make Fallout 4's world feel ALIVE
I found in gameplay such as using zombie overhauls that Fallout 4's insects weren't that important, tho I felt the game lacking in ambiance so I give you Immersive Insects. 
- Insect behavioral changes, realistic sizes sound and speed. Enough to boast your Immersion

Changelog : Immersive Insects
This is 1.0, All I've done so far is created new behaviors resized the insects, gave them realistic movement and brought some of the sound down.
Most of the Insects atm are docile tho that can change if it is suggested. Anything suggested is welcome!
- Tho this is only step one of the plan, In the near future I will place many more insects within the commonwealth

This will soon include
- bloodbugs + stingwings around ponds / streams
  deadlier poisons to defend
- radroaches scattering from doorways of interiors
- radscorpion spawns as well size differentials 
- bloatflys around garbage / dirty areas

Immersive Insects can be enabled and disabled throughout playthroughs - will not ruin your save
The mod is very minimalist as it only changes the stated 1.0 changelog. Does not add more Insects.. yet
As of right now only bloodbugs stingwings radroaches radscorpions and bloatflys are apart of this mod
If this mod sees a decent number of endorsements.. I will continue with mammals as well DLC Content.

Thank you for downloading! Please Endorse ;)

Immersive Insects creates a quality - life beginnings, to filling Fallout 4 landscapes will insects (so afar, enough attention I will continue with more). The goal is to bring the world alive through interactions of lesser enemies - ie creatures that are in survival creating and maintaining their own buggy lives (goal, next update)

SPAWN 10 at a time and see how their behaviors will react
- More spawns will be in the next update

Help with console commands: if needed :')
in game press your tilde key ( ` )
this will open your commands

type >  player.placeatme ID NUMBER
(which ever you prefer with their corresponding underlined Id Number)
*bloodbug          001423b4
*stingwing          001324bc
*radroach           000475df
*radscorpion      002499ff
*bloatfly             001423b0
press enter ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
tilde key ( ` ) to exit

Information: YouTube Channel
I will be presenting this along with other mods at my channel once I've gotten the chance!
Endorse, like | Be amazing! Thanks :)
- d e v o u r