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A.I. Upscaled and manually enhanced version of the MapleAtlas02 texture. With or without added maple leaves, in 4x2K, 8x4K & 16x8K.

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I present you my new upscaled and enhanced versions (with and without leaves) for the MapleAtlas02 texture set.

I set out to create myself a greener wasteland in at least a 4K resolution, but got a bit stuck on the tree's as the textures for the institute and pre-war trees don't match the UV's used on the tree's and they just don't look all that good to begin with.

So I started re-creating the tree's with new leaves, taken from photographs. For the best results I started using an 8K resolution to create the textures (that's actually 16x8 in many cases, like the MapleAtlas02). For re-scaling the texture I used an AI Up-scaler to enlarge the original textures (both pre- and post-war) to 16x8K which I then further enhanced (correcting edges mostly), to use as the basis for my new tree.

For the new version with leaves I added the pre-war/maple institute bark and a bunch of maple leaves, fitting most UV's.

- Upscaled to 16x8K using AI Upscaling technology (finall version downscaled to 8x4K & 'standard' 4x2K)
- Cleaned up all 'flying particals'
- Modified branches to fit most UV's (no flooting parts of twigs anymore (far less anyway))
- Added a bunch of maple leaves
- New normal & specular maps to fit with all the above

My goal here was to create at least a 4K version, with leaves. The rest of it is actually 'by-product'.
It is to become part of my greener-wasteland mod I'm working on.

However, I don't want to keep the enhanced vanilla version from you, as even in
standard 2K it beats the original, if only for the adjusted branches.
& for those who can't wait for my mod to be finished/released, or just want the new mapleatlas texture.

I did the best I could, on both the quality and fixing the 'overlapping UV' showing parts of other branches (the floating parts of twigs you see everywhere) or cutting through leaves, but whoever did those UV mappings did an extremely poor job, making it impossible to fix all without touching the nifs & UV's.

The MapleAtlas02 with or without leaves in 8x4K are the 'standard' versions. The other resolutions are 'optional'.

Extract or copy the zip file content to your fallout installation's .\Data folder