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Value rebalance of the Vanilla and DLC weapon prices.

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This mod is very simple. It makes the caps value of all the Vanilla and DLC weapons in game significantly worth less.

I was sick and tired of playing the game for an hour and being set for life on caps. When I play a game set in a post apocalyptic nuclear wasteland 200 some years in the future, I expect Items to be rather scarce and hard to obtain. Thing is I'm not smart enough to figure out how to just make weapons spawn far less often. So I did the best I could do with my limited knowledge. Make the weapons themselves worth far less. I did this by simply editing the base value for each playable weapon found in the Creation Kit. In the future I plan on making a version with vendor lists updated as currently you can buy a weapon for cheap as well as sell for cheap. This kind of defeats the purpose if you can buy a Fatman for 75 and sell for 30. I currently do not have the knowledge to safely update vendor lists so I will be doing more research before I undertake that endeavor.

There are currently two versions of this mod. (DOWNLOAD ONLY ONE OR THE OTHER) Below is the description of each version:

This version makes every weapon (DLC and Vanilla) worth less by roughly half. I did this at first to just add a bit of realism to the game. Say for example that a standard Laser Musket is worth 100 caps; now its worth 50 or so with this version.

This version is the one I prefer to use for myself, mostly because I hate life and like making things hard. This version is very simple. It makes every weapon (DLC and Vanilla) worth exactly one cap each. This is where the issue of buying a Fatman from a vendor for 1 or 2 caps comes into play. This is incredibly unbalanced, but I do not have the knowledge of how to make vendors sell them for far more than they buy them for. As previously stated, I will be looking into how to do this and make an updated version in the future.

This mod is a work in progress, expect there to be issues such as some weapons not having their values changed. There are a lot of weapons in the game so it is hard to get each and every one. If there are any weapons you find that are not changed please let me know. Thank you

This mod should not conflict with any mods unless they edit the value of any weapon in Vanilla and DLC.

[Future Plans]
Making the same mod but with Armor values redone as well. (With Vendor Updates when I figure out how)
Making the same mod but with all Junk and scrap item values redone as well. (With Vendor Updates when I figure out how)
Making the same mod but with Armor values redone as well. (With Vendor Updates when I figure out how)
Making the same mod but with every single item in the game redone. (With Vendor Updates when I figure out how)
Updating vendor lists to make vendors sell items for far more. (When I figure out how)
(These will likely be done for the Extreme Edition only, unless I get enough requests)

[Side notes]
If you have any questions about this mod, any suggestions, or would like to give any pointers or ideas to do with this mod, then feel free to contact me on the Nexus Forums. Also, I'm not sure if adding modifications to weapons will make the value increase much. If so I will have to try and figure out how to edit that too.

[Recommended Mods]
I give credit where credit is due. The inspiration for this mod was from the LootBalance mod made by Herby247. I made the WeaponValueRebalance mod with the idea in mind of it being compatible with LootBalance as I love that mod. There should be no conflicts until I update this mod to include scrap and junk values, but that's a problem I will deal with in the future. Special thanks to Herby247 for an amazing mod.

Feel free to use this mod in any packs or mods you would like. Just please give credit. I'm aware that this mod just edits base game items, so I do not deserve much credit. However, the credit that I do deserve is the time spend to individually edit each and every single weapon value in the game; That takes a good amount of time to do.