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A full retexture for the Pipe Gun series, including the pipe revolver and the Syringer.
Custom cubemaps for new and improved dirty reflections.
The recon scope is also thrown in as a bonus.

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A full retexture for the Pipe Gun series (all 31 models), including pipe revolvers and the Syringer. The main design principle was that it should look like old salvaged metals from different sources, but old and worn looking rather than rusty. I referenced both real life pipe/craft-produced weapons, old tools and antiques to get a more varied but grounded look.

Optional file: Recolours the glow sights to red

Mod available on Xbox here : XBOX
My Artstation page: https://www.artstation.com/gaston_w


Not compatible with anything that edits the pipe gun textures or materials (more reflective pipe guns, etc...)

Compatible with pretty much everything else.
Tested with Nina's pipe gun replacers (there might be some slightly more noticeable stretching), load after her mod.

Thanks to the Rizzler and his amazing mod tutorial series which I highly recommend to anyone who wants to get into modding.

Thanks the the BoneZone discord for their encouragement and feedback.

Technical details: BC7 compression for Diffuse maps, BC5 for specular and normal maps - BA2 packed for better performance

Thanks for making the mod reach hot mods!