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Adds an energy drink to Fallout 4, design based on the energy ammo from the franchise. With variants, empty cans that can be refilled, leveled list integration, an unmarked quest and hand placements in the worldspace.

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A Bit of Lore
   Initially made with the purpose of exclusive military use, the creators of Fusion were surprised once their military contract was canceled at the last minute in favor of many new performance enhancing drugs by MedTek. At the verge of bankruptcy and closing their factory for good, a large southern food company, by the name of Happy Eats, swooped in and bought Fusion and all its assets with intent of turning it into a commercial beverage sold to the public.
   In January 2077, Fusion was first distributed to the public as an energy drink for everyone to enjoy, and after its first successful semester in the southern US, it began expanding its distribution to other areas, albeit slowly. Production also received a large amount of funding to develop new flavors and variations of the drink so it could eventually compete with the commercial giant Nuka-Cola.

General Description
This mod adds an energy drink to Fallout 4, its can design inspired by first versions of Coca-Cola flat top cans and the energy ammo present in the Fallout franchise (Microfusion Cell and Electron Charge Pack more specifically). As of version 1.0, it comes in two flavors/variants, the standard drink, or the Supercharge version which had stronger effects. Fusion restores your Action Points and boosts your AP regeneration for some time, in Survival mode, it will caffeinate you appropriately, the Supercharge also gives you a small Agility buff.

  1.1- The Halloween Update adds 2 new Halloween themed versions of the drink: Ectoplasm and Slasher. Both give the same effects as the standard Fusion Energy while also giving a short chem effect (Med-X for Ectoplasm and Psycho for Slasher). Both have been implemented to the same leveled lists, and as a bonus Fusion Ectoplasm can also be a very rare drop from Feral Ghouls.

  1.2 - The Very Very Very Late Winter Update adds a new version of the drink: Cryonic! It gives everything the Fusion Energy Drink gives you plus the slow time effect of Jet, minus the consequences. This one however is EXTREMELY rare. You'll find a very good amount of them via an unmarked quest that will have go around Boston to find 5 crates that went around before and after the bombs dropped. You can find the first note in a boxcar near Starlight Drive-in.

   Fusion has been added to the alcohol related leveled lists, where I think it's unlikely to conflict, it also makes a degree of sense to find it alongside booze since people enjoy mixing energy drinks and alcohol for some reason, although the drink is not something you'll find regularly. It also has been hand placed at several locations in the world (respawnable).
  Drinking it will also give the empty can, which can be either worn and scratched or a rare pristine one (still shiny even after the war), they can be refilled at a Chem Station if you have the correct perks, or you can use them to decorate your settlements, I dunno.

FOMOD installer, install with NMM/Vortex or Mod Organizer, you'll have options for 2K textures or 4K textures, also includes patches for Immersive Animation Framework and Jolly Item Sounds. Does not require any DLC.

Future Plans
There are three planned content updates: the Halloween Update, Winter Update and the Cocktail Update (No ETA). These will bring new versions of Fusion and they'll be neatly implemented. Not many details to share yet.

 Will conflict with any mod that changes the alcohol leveled lists and any mod that happens to place something in the exact same spot as I did in the worldspaces and cells.

Known Issues
- Fusion Cryonic does not have IAF animations, for some reason the animation doesn't trigger with the Jet Slow Down effect, not sure if it can be fixed.


Ephla - Original can retexture from Retextured Water