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Fort Hagen as a whole town has been overhauled/rebuilt and has now become a settlement

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Before i begin as all ways..
I would like to thank all those that donate.
Your contributions are truly a godsent in these trying times.

Now about  this location mod...
Hmmm not  a single  location really but FOUR in one...
This "area" includes  Fort Hagen,The blood clinic,The red Rocket filling station,and the Relay Tower.
This alone was the main reason i was scared to death to do a location mod here...
Imagine that among those 4 locations i had to add a 5th.
Those that know  a bit about the way the game works
understand how "dangerous" this  and issues like broken quests etc..may arise.

Well i did it any way.. :P
Result after testing with both clean and dirty saves is that "it just works"..
I even started a fresh playthrough up to the Kellog quest to see if a) Dogmeat makes it to Fort Hagen  and target  and b) if the quest inside was ok.
Both worked perfectly.

My second fear was "will it work as a settlement ?  "...
Result.. YES IT DOES !!! (big sigh of relief ).
The only issue you might have depending on your system is that its so big that stuff far away might not load until you get closer..
The second thing that may or may not happen to some  for the same reason (size)..is that going to the far end (the guard bunker towards the lake),
your workshop may not open...every time but this is easily overcome by walking back a bit towards the clinic and opening it there.
I think this issue has to do with how many cells are loaded at the time.(i think opening the workshop around the clinic and then closing it will allow you
 to open it at the far end from what ive seen personally.
The whole area is ONE gigantic build zone (from the relay tower all the way down to the warehouses  and from the mid guard bunker to the antenna array road(no i didnt touch that cell).
Basically one big rectangle .
Yes The Fort Hagen central building is in the build area but unless youve completed the quests that need it..DONT start tearing it apart.

Frame issues ?
Not sure...
I have a pretty mid range setup (ryzen 1600,2x8Gb DDR4  and a GTX970 ) and only saw  some frame loss around that central building or when looking in its direction.
My frames were mostly around 75 and dropped to 40-50  .
I think the BOS ship trigger in that spot might be the issue ( gigantic ship with lights etc. Sitting under that cell ) plus the fact  that the building itself  is quite loaded as a build.

Well  enough of that...Lets talk about your new "toy"..

Every building (hollow shells,destroyed etc. ) have been remade into real usable buildings.
I added quite a few more including some fun spots like a amphitheater for your  "singing settlers" that many still use.
Total buildings are well over 20 not including other points of interest.
Residential buildings (houses) are NOT furnished .
Buildings like the Mess hall,police station,admin/med bay and barracks are furnished but not in detail.
Other furnished are..The hotel,The diner,Pool hall,two stores in the mall (clothing and the food court) ,also the semi furnished the penthouse at the top floor of the mall.
I left the Blood clinic as is as far  as interior goes with minor changes to the second floor  and the basement  where  you will  find  a water and food generator in that broken floor that has water.(also has a power gen next to it).

Another food and water gen is located behind the smaller of the two Greenhouses which is next to red rocket. (the 2 gens give you 100 water and 60 food  total ( trust me youre  gonna need it  :P ).

Ive  also added  some "toys" like a lot of animated doors,garage lift etc.  and even put in some suicide barriers at the one guard bunker (you know  those thick poles that rise up from the ground to block bombers :P )...Basically i forgot what i was doing a decided to have some fun .
Also TWO elevators in the mall (one for your penthouse and another  to the roof where you can setup a roof bar under the kiosk i built.
Speaking of the mall..i hope you like my "center piece" ;)

Tips and Tricks...
a) the workbench is located at the gun shop but look around to gain access to it.

b) DONT deploy another beacon in another part of the location as this could cause issues due to the complexity of the area (other map markers)..
Use the one i provided behind the gun shop that also has power next to it.
c) when you open the workshop  go to the greenhouse at RR  and enable the water and food gen  BEFORE connecting the beacon. This will help make sure that your happiness stays above 50 .( i do this in all my settlement setups  so settlers all ways find the basics when they show up)

d) since i didnt "wire up" the area i suggest a mod called "power everywhere " that basically transmits power over a large area without wires ( you may have to use a second one or two where power doesnt reach. ( its basically a power pylon that you connect to a gen ).
If you want to do it the hard way then at least use a mod called "longer power lines" . I use both of these mods and it makes my life so much easier.
Also some more mods that i use  and  strongly suggest are a) generator fuse box   b)  "remove turret power requirement"

e) mods that i think are a must for this mod are "red rocket's glare"  and "Starlight Drive-In And Diner - Lighting". You will see in the pics why...


All of the registers except the red rocket  are assignable .
Also assignable is the counter in the food court  and the blue desk in the medbay of the military district.
The blue desk is also a recipe in the workshop in the clinic counters.
There is also a big bartender marker(floor mat) at the poolhouse of the villa.
Other jobs are  MANY(15+ ) guard markers in the form of small black floor mats (some are half hidden due to surface anomolies ) but you  will see settlers  standing on them .

I also added a NPC spawner  that you will need to fill this baby up...
I tested things like supply routes  to and from  and moving settlers back and forth and it works as expected.(even moved a follower  from Sanctuary ).
I did get a bug at one point using a dirty save and that was that at  some point it wouldnt allow me to move anyone to this location. (name was greyed out). But tried with other saves and the issue wasnt there...
Testing is  a very hard process and often needs a gazillion saves because certain changes wont show unless the save has no prior contact with the location or related data.

Edit: we now have a working Helipad thanks to "niston"... Simply select any of the map markers except the relay tower and you will land on the helipad.

Thats it for now...
Im seriously hoping you will enjoy this mod as it took over 350 hours to do.
I tested with over 40 settlers and it looked like a little city that was alive.
This location has many hours of fun (lol should say weeks or months till  you get it just right to your likings :P )

As all ways if you enjoy it please Endorse and if you want to show me even more love donate (obviously optional :P )...
I love you all either way...

I left all the bad guys and attack markers in place...so be "vewy vewy carefull "