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Patch for the 'Milk That Brahmin' mod to make it compatible with the Brahmin milk added in the "Coffee and Donuts Workshop Pack" from the Creation Club.

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Milk That Slocum is a patch for the excellent Milk That Brahmin mod to make it compatible with the Brahmin milk added in the Coffee and Donuts Workshop Pack from the Creation Club.

Optional version that supports the Immersive Animation Framework is also available.
Optional version that supports the Coffe and Donut Workshop Expanded mod is also available.

(+40 HP, +10 AP, Rads +3, VAL 20)
  • 'Unpasteurized Milk' is now called 'Raw Brahmin Milk'
(+40 HP, +10 AP, Rads +8, VAL 5)

  • The increased radiation of Raw Brahmin Milk is the same as Brahmin Meat
  • For the reduced value I used the same value as Dirty Water (as Purified Water also has 20)


Load order:

v1.2Matched the drink properties
v1.1Added empty bottle after drinking Brahmin Milk
v1.0Initial release

Milk That Brahmin
was made by Testudini