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Raider-based Boxcar Settlement set up at Oberland Station

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Raider-based Boxcar Settlement set up at Oberland Station

Lot of Boxcars used to make this place. Super-old settlement I made but never uploaded till now. Built with Nuka-World Raiders in mind but obviously regular Settlers can use it just fine.

The general rule before importing is to scrap everything you can as vanilla as possible (without "Scrap everything" mods; 'Raze My Settlement' mod is a safe option to use).

  • 30 Beds
  • Armor, Power Armor, & Weapon workbenches, and Chemistry stations
  • Booze, Chem, Armor, Weapon, Gear, & Outfit Raider Stores
  • Fast Travel Mat
  • Scavenging Stations
  • Nuka-World Radio Transmitter + Amplifier
  • Pick-Me-Up Station
  • Booze Still
  • Phoropter (Subliminal Messages variant)
  • Brahmin Feed Trough
  • Barber Chair
  • Surgery Chair
  • Trade Caravan Post (Pick it up in Build-Mode & cancel or replace/rebuild if Caravans don't show up after awhile)
  • 30 Water
  • 0 Food
  • 56 Defense (Heavy Machine Gun Turrets)
  • 100 Power

This blueprint by default will take slot 41 (You can change it to any other slot as long as it's between the numbers 1 and 50 with a quick rename to the folder).


Wasteland Workshop (Optional; Mainly the Fusion Generator)
Contraptions Workshop (REQUIRED)
Nuka-World Workshop (Optional; The raider stores & resources)
Vault-Tec Workshop (Optional; The beds, Vault-Tec Terminal, & the Phoropter)
Transfer Settlements - Shareable Settlement Blueprints 
Workshop Framework (Required for importing Layout)

A Quick note for those who don't know that even if you don't have the required mod(s) the Transfer Settlements mod simply won't import the items/objects from those mod(s) and you'll still get everything else although it may look empty and out-of-place.