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You can recruit Clinton and his daughter, Charlie as Settlers.

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About this mod:

It lets you recruit Clinton and his daughter, Charlie. Includes their unique conversations that can be heard if they were assigned to the same settlement. The conversations are randomized and have a cool off timer so you won't hear them constantly (it's similar to my Recruit Jenny mod actually). To add a little RPG element to it, you can recruit Clinton and Charlie by choosing both "nice" and "mean" dialogue options..

Notes: the conversations are randomized but I made sure the randomizer always picks different ones. In the "Random Conversations" video I started the dialogues manually, that's why they might seem a bit unnatural..

Recruit Clinton and Charlie - Nice Option

Recruit Clinton and Charlie - Mean Option

Random Conversations


Whenever you like.

Optional file:

If you use Diverse Children, you can use the "Diverse Universe Patch" to change Charlie's appearance. Credits: niston.