Fallout 4
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Adds unique Traits for your weapons, independent from Perks and Legendary effects.

Permissions and credits
This framework was created to have a sort of tertiary option somewhere between Perks and Legendary Effects. All these work for whichever weapon  the keywords are applied to. Any mods using this framework MUST require this one.

These steps assume you have basic CK knowledge.

How to add to a gun:

Step 1: In your chosen gun's CK entry, add 'ma_odoGunTrait' to the Keywords list.

Step 2: Under the Keywords list, add 'ap_odoGunTrait' to the Attach Parent Slots list.

How to make new Traits:

Step 1: open the OMOD 'odo_GunTrait_none'.

Step 2: change the ID and Name.

Step 3: In Property Modifiers list, add your desired effects.

Step 4: Add a description, and press OK.