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Add perks and damage scaling past level 50 to make the game more enjoyable at high levels

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High Level Perks 1.7 aims to make playing at and above level 50 more enjoyable.

It adds ranks to leveled perks between levels 50 and 100.

It scales enemy damage up between levels 50 and 100 where at level 100 they do 2.5x the damage.

On top of that, Far Harbor and Nuka World guns and ammo are now available throughout the commonwealth, but beware because enemies use them too.

You can also occasionally find or purchase special brews that can add perks or increase a SPECIAL attribute. Search the Boston Public Library - near one of the book return terminals is the recipe for making them.

Perk descriptions:

As part of the new Gun Nut 5 perk rank you gain access to new "superior" weapon receivers that have higher damage output for taking on those nasty leveled bullet sponges. Well over a dozen new recievers are available for all ballistic weapons except pipe weapons.

Now with Science! 5 you can replace legendary effects on weapons and armor, you have access to superior energy weapon modifications, and a new high tech vault suit lining.

Awareness adds an additional rank that will highlight hostile targets for you.

In addition you have 10 ranks of the combat perks Iron Fist, Big Leagues, Heavy Gunner, Rifleman and Gunslinger. You also have 8 ranks of Basher and Demolition expert. Each grants formidable new abilities, especially at the final rank, for keeping combat ready well into the high levels.

Steady Aim is now lethal at higher ranks

In terms of defense, toughness has been increased to 10 ranks. You'll need it, or some good armor. 

Refractor has as well, and at the end of that particular rainbow you get virtual invulnerability to energy damage. 

Rad Resistance caps out at environmental immunity to radiation at rank 10.

Action Boy/Action Girl can now regenerate AP even faster with an additional rank

Lifegiver at the higher ranks is now very useful as it can rapidly heal you outside of combat

Ghoulish now has 6 ranks, with rank 5 making all but the most severe onslaughts of radiation beneficial to you, while rank 6 renders all ferals docile.

Moving Target adds additional ranks increasing movement speed and jump height significantly

Ninja adds additional ranks for damage reflection and avoiding fall damage entirely

Inspirational adds another couple of ranks to make your companions more combat ready.

Release History
1.5 - Service release - fixes some unused mod components and updates basher 8
1.6 - basher 5-8 now have a chance of knockdown
1.7 - Science! 5 and Awareness 3 added

Compatibility Notes:
Since this mod modifies perks, it will interfere with other mods that modify perks, and should be placed in the load order below them.
Mods that add craftable legendaries may work, but might be a bit quirky with this mod
Since this mod doesn't depend on automatron or other mods, attempting to remove legendary item mods that are sourced from such content will cause the legendary item mod (but not the item itself) to disappear. Don't do it. For example, don't try to remove the Legendary effect from the Assaultron Head or the Tesla. You won't get the effect back.