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Made in Fo4Edit. Attempts to make the scaling damage bonus and pure damage bonus legendary mods less bad in comparison to "Two Shot" and "Instigating". Extend to all legendary weapon mods and some armor legendary mods.

Permissions and credits
This mod is made in Fo4Edit, not the geck.

Please let me know if you find any typos or unchanged descriptions. I just did a large rework of the mod and it involved a lot of copying records across Fo4Edit and I'm definitely not perfect. Thanks for any help in finding my mistakes. All the changes should work as shown in the spreadsheet image, and should say the right thing in the item tooltip.

Updates to the mod from May 2016 are thanks to Nexus user Norr, please share some love!

Update 8.5 onwards are made using Fallout 4 Damage Calculator.


NMM INSTALL: (Fomod v7 and on)
1.) Download with mod manager and select 'install'.

2.) Choose your options in the menu that appears. You are required to choose a main file, all other files are optional. Select a Far Harbor addon ONLY if you have Far Harbor installed, otherwise your game will CTD on launch. Optional files (like SPECIAL and Higher Zone Levels) are found at the bottom.

3.) Press 'Finish'.

4.) Rearrange your load order to your liking. Use FO4Edit to check for mod conflicts.

MNUAL INSTALL: (v7 and on)
1.) Download the Fomod.

2.) Extract the 7z file using 7Zip or whatever works for you.

1.) Choose a version from the "Main Files" folder and copy it into your /Data/ folder. Choose only one; Survival, Hard or Normal, or one of the scrappable legendaries or detachable legendaries (note you NEED Legendary Modification for detachable legendaries) versions of them. Check the affixes table to help choose the version you want. Addon for Far Harbor is also found in this folder.

2.) Choose any addon files you want from the Optional Files folder, stack as many as you would like. SPECIAL doubles the bonus from SPECIAL boosting armor per request in the comments. Higher Zone Levels raises minimum spawn level for zones by 5-15 and sets the max level to 99.

"Build Your Own Rebalance" (v7 only, removed in v8 and on)
So you like my changes but you are very particular about your game balance? Well have it your way! Every change is split up into modules by group and you can enact any combination of changes that you like. This might make your load order very long and you should probably make your own in Fo4Edit, but if you're too lazy just mix and match from the "Build Your Own Rebalance" folder in the main file.

Load Order:

For any version of my mod or combination of my mods there is not much issue with load order. You should load my mods after mods like LegendaryModification and Armorsmith Extended for it to behave how I intend. There is a picture of a recommended load order with a reasonable number of popular mods in the images section.

Known bugs:

8.7: An UI bug:
The weapon card of a weapon with a constant +%Damage effect (Powerful, Violent, Two-Shot and others) will only show the bonus when equipped, and then only after exiting and re-entering the Pip-boy menu.
The damage indicator at the bottom right of the Pip-boy screen will always show the correct damage.


This mod seeks to change some weaker mods such as damage scaling on enemy type mods, "Wounding", and "Violent" to be comparable to high damage high utility mods like "Two Shot" and "Instigating". Mods with less versatility are scaled to be more effective in situations where their utility shines than "Two Shot" and "Instigating".

This mod will affect game balance. Some weapons such as weapons with "Assassin's" will be the best possible weapon to use against human enemies, and weapons with mods like "Powerful" will scale to be nearly as good as "Two Shot" without the small accuracy and spread penalty of "Two Shot".

For those concerned about making Fallout 4 a truly "Difficult" or "Hardcore" experience most of the flavors this mod offers may not be for you, but do try the 'Survival' flavor. It balances all legendaries with Powerful (+20% damage) as a baseline rather than Two-shot. However if you would like all legendary modifiers to be more practical, or to improve the variety of useful weapons give it a try.

As of v4c my mod reduces the intensity of the chameleon visual effect by about 45% in order to make the pipboy work in chameleon and reduce the harsh blindness from entering chameleon. This change is based on the mod "Alternative Chameleon Visuals" but less invasive on the effect. My mod does not change the visuals of the chameleon effect on the character in third person, it only reduces the interference with the pipboy and player vision. Using another mod that edits the chameleon effect is OK as long as it's loaded after this one.

The optional file "Higher Zone Levels" (Based on the "HC-Nightmare" plugin from "Harsher Commonwealth - Selective Game Rebalance" but a different approach to zone levels) can help counteract some of the reduction in game difficulty by moving up the minimum zone level in a huge amount of zones and raising the maximum zone level to 99 in all zones. View the image "Danger Map" to choose your preferred version.

If you are concerned about the game becoming too easy this will keep the vanilla feel of combat but raise the difficulty bar. Choose whichever method you prefer to increase the game difficulty to your own personal taste.

Changes in drop rate due to "Legendary Modifier Rebalance Fewer Bad Bases" (included in the main mod) can be found at the end of the description.


Recommended Mod: "Create Your Own Difficulty Rebalance"
Recommended Mod: "Legendary Modification" (Load before my mod for compatibility)
Recommended Mod: "Legendary Modification - DLC Far Harbor (Additional Fixes)" (Load before my mod for compatibility)
Recommended Mod: "Armorsmith Extended"
Recommended Mod: "Craftable Armor Size"
OPTIONAL Mod: "Legendary Loot Rebalanced" (Load before my optional "Fewer Bad Bases" mod for compatibility)
OPTIONAL Mod: "Legendary Two Shot Mod Fix"

My other mod: "Armored Coursers"


I am now primarily done with weapon mods but will produce alternate versions if requested. If specific vats related mods or crowd control related mods need changes let me know in the comments and I will try to accommodate your needs.

I want feedback on the performance of weapons that I have and have not changed. For example tell me if you think my changes to "Wounding" make bleed effects more fun to use, or if my changes to "Poisoner's" make poison weapons too strong. Let me know how you find the performance of mods like "Freezing" and "Plasma Infused" on different attack speed weapons. Try to be constructive.

If anyone wants to make a simple logo for this mod go ahead and if I like it I'll credit you.

I, (Norr) has taken over some 'responsibility' in maintaining this mod. I'll be lurking in the comment section and maybe make a variant if requested. If I can't or won't, I'll be happy to advise you on how to make it yourself.
Note: Norr (me) generally won't have access to modding tools for most of the summer (as I am usually away from my desktop, using a laptop which might not be able to run them), so my modding and advising capacity will be either reduced or delayed.

What has been changed and why:

If you have a question about how a legendary works and can't find a satisfying answer on Nukapedia, feel free to ask.

For 8.7 I (Norr) have changed the way I calculate 'Damage from Legendary mods. Previously I have used an imagined level 25 character with a Combat rifle (and side-arms) as a base for comparison.
I divided the weapons in the game into: Bolt-action, Semi-auto, Auto and misc. The first and last categories skewed the numbers quite a bit and were ignored. An excel sheet was then made where average values were calculated for Semi-auto and Auto, unmodded and maxed out, for damage and fire rate.
The result was 54 damage and 44 fire rate for Semi-auto weapons and 22 damage and 153 fire rate for auto weapons.
Those values wre then used together with rank 3 [weapons perk] (60% damage increase) and rank 2 Demolitions expert (+50% increase for explosive damage).
The effective damage bonus from legendary mods vary wildly with the stats of the weapon it is attached to, but +% Damage-type mods will generally be better for bolt-action or semi-automatic weapons while +Damage-type mods will generally benefit automatic weapons more.

The mods:

This mod is the base the rest of the mod is balanced around. Depending on the LMR variant you have installed, the damage bonus may be +20, 40, 60, 80 or 100%.
Powerful and similar mods now uses their own perk for the damage bonus, based on the Nocturnal legendary perk mechanic, so the damage bonus will take the receiver and (laser/plasma) barrel into account when increasing damage.
NOTE: the damage mechanic is different in previous versions of LMR, but 8.6 works in a similar way.

Class damage
Includes Assassin, Exterminator, Ghoul Slayer, Hunter, Mutant Slayer and Troubleshooter.
The point behind these mods is now that if you are going to face a specific enemy type, one of these mods will usually be the best choice for the majority of weapons you may be carrying. Assassin and Troubleshooter are slightly weaker than the rest on account of humans being very common and robots are supposed to be generally tougher than most things.

Includes Explosive, Freezing, Incendiary, Irradiated, Plasma Infused, Poisoner and Wounding.
These are the oddball effects that are difficult to balance with the %-based bonuses, and generally change every time I update this mod.
The damage from Explosive, Freezing and Plasma Infused scales with the perks for the weapon the effect is attached to, and Explosive additionally scales with the Demolitions Expert perk.

Changes the projectile of the weapon into an explosion, the damage from which is calculated separately from the damage from the weapon. This means it is best used on weapons that throw a lot of projectiles at a target in a very short time, like the Minigun, Shotgun and automatic weapons.
Expplosive damage scales with the perk of the weapon it is attached to (not only Heavy gunner, Gunslinger, Rifleman and Commando works too) and with the Demolitions Expert perk, but only the latter icreases the damage shown in the Pip-boy (this has been verified under controlled conditions).
I have calculated Explosive for automatics with two ranks in Demolitions Expert, so putting less point in that perk will see Explosive underperform slightly on regular automatics, but putting three+ points in increases the damage very quickly.
Note that this effect applies to every individual projectile, so every time you fire a shotgun it applies this effect eight times (once for each pellet) on the target.

Adds a bit of energy damage and freezes the target on a critical hit. Target remains frozen for 10 seconds and takes 25% increased damage for the duration (this is vanilla behavior).
Freezing is a bit weaker than Plasma Infused since the critical effect is very useful.

Vanilla: Adds energy damage that hits for 5 damage (subject to DR) every second for 3 seconds, new hits reset the duration. Damage does not scale with perks.
8.5: Adds energy damage like Freezing to increase the damage potential. The idea is to make Incendiary the more damaging of the energy damage effects since it otherwise lacks utility effects.
8.7: Adds energy damage that hits for X damage (subject to DR) every second for 5 seconds. New hits apply the effect again, stacking new damage on top of the old. I feel like this is how it should have worked from the beginning, unarmored enemies will burn fast while heavily armored foes will weather the effect better. The damage still doesn't scale with perks, but should stack up even mid-to-late game.

This effect adds radiation poisoning to targets hit, reducing their max health. Only humans are susceptible to rad poisoning, but will be unable to use stimpacks or legendary mutation to recoup health.

Plasma Infused
Adds energy damage in the same way as Freezing and may 'gooify' targets. Also have a reasonably high chance of leaving Nuclear material on slain enemies (even if they don't 'gooify'). Meant to be better than Freezing without criticals but lower damage than Incendiary. The Nuclear material is great for generating caps.

Adds ballistic damage that hits for 5 damage (subject to DR) every second for 60 seconds, new hits reset the duration. Damage does not scale with
This is intended to be an ammo-saver, you shoot once, wait until the target dies or the effect runs out and then shoot once again. This is only effective if the enemy is weak or can't reach you.
If you can't avoid the enemy or are strapped for time, use any mod but this one. It's mostly intended for playing Survival or when using scarcity mods.

Adds bleed damage that hits for X damage (NOT resisted by DR) every second for 10 seconds. New hits apply the effect again, stacking new damage on top of the old.
I've been going back and forth with this effect, but the intention was always the same: if you can't get through that armor, stab it with bullets. Lots of bullets. Then watch it bleed.
Essentially, this is the only true armor-piercing effect in the game, and is of little use for low-armor targets or slow-firing weapons. The former because most weapons kill them quickly, the latter because slow-but-high-damage shots punch through armor anyway. Fast-firing low-damage weapons on the other hand can't deal with heavy armor very well, and that's where Wounding comes in.
Note that this effect applies to every individual projectile, so every time you fire a shotgun it applies this effect eight times (once for
each pellet) on the target.

A mod most people barely know exists. I've increased the damage reduction to 50% to increase usability.
Multiple pieces of Cavalier stacks, so you CAN be immune to damage when blocking or sprinting, but you can do neither forever.

Increases the damage done to limbs, but not to the main HP bar.
I envision these weapons being useful for combat on all enemy types by helping the player immobilize enemies. The problem is at vanilla 50% limb damage there really isn't a point. It takes 2 shots of "Crippling" to do 3 shots worth of limb damage. "Crippling" is now a version of "Kneecapper" not reliant on RNG and also working on other body parts.

The first shot from a vanilla Furious weapon deals no extra damage, so compared to Powerful it takes an enormous amount of lead to catch up. LMR adds a small damage bonus right off the bat and Furious should match and then overtake Powerful after 10 shots, which makes it more useful for auto weapons since semi-auto weapons generally kill non-boss target earlier than that.

Mostly for use with semi-auto and bolt-action weapons for enemies you are capable of killing in one shot, but drop off quickly in usefulness compared to Two-shot and Powerful in most cases. Also good for softening up heavily armored targets before engagements.

This mod can generate a constant high damage bonus at the cost of stat penalties. 4 addictions puts this on par with Powerful, there are 12 possible addiction in the game, but you can do with about 7 without crippling your melee character or 4-6 for your ranged VATS character.

Vanilla: the developers probably meant "fills critical meter 15% faster" as "15% faster than usual", not "fills 15% of the total critical meter with every hit".
Lucky now fills the meter as if you had 2 extra luck (not 10) and gives you a critical and +%Damage bonus that makes it equal to Powerful (shoot enough to fill the crit meter and then immediately crit) at luck 5 with no luck perks. More Luck and more luck perks will enhance Lucky further.

You now move faster with this weapon equipped, aiding exploration or tactical retreat.

Armor penetration in this game works exactly like +%Damage at all except the lowest armor ranges. Penetrating has been recalculated to reflect this. However, as there are other AP effects in the game (Rifleman and penetrating auto receivers) the AP of Penetrating caps out at 50% to avoid hitting 100%+ with some combinations (I don't know how the game would handle this if it didn't throw a divide-by-0-error).
This means you might as well have Powerful on your weapon/rifle, but Penetrating auto receivers do get a significant boost from this legendary, as ignoring 90% of target DR lets them overcome their otherwise lackluster damage.

Adjusted Action Point cost to be slightly better than Powerful to compensate for the increased ammo expenditure for the same dps.

Adjusted fire rate bonus cost to be slightly better than Powerful to compensate for the increased ammo expenditure for the same dps.

Doubles VATS accuracy outside combat with no extra AP cost, since you probably won't get more than one shot off before entering combat anyway.
Optional file increases non-VATS accuracy in addition to the above effect, allowing players using Pistol-grip Rifles are Pistols to snipe with scoped pistols (and the rest of us a bit more hip-fire accuracy with non-pistols).

Vanilla: Higher damage per shot at the cost of x2 recoil and lower hip-fire accuracy.
8.5: Higher damage per shot at the cost of x2 recoil and lower fire rate.
8.7: Higher damage per shot at the cost of x3 recoil.

VATS Enhanced (ranged)
No longer a better Quickdraw. The AP cost reduction is lower than Quickdraw to compensate for shots hitting more often.

VATS Enhanced (melee)
Much lower AP cost reduction than vanilla, but fills the crit meter faster. Imagined as a middle ground between Quickdraw and Lucky since accuracy boosts are irrelevant to melee weapons.

Imagined as a middle ground between Powerful and Crippling. LMR has no extra recoil on this effect.

Reduces the max damage to be in line with Two-shot and reduces the damage penalty at high DR values.

Reduces the max damage to be in line with Powerful at 50% HP.

Max damage adjusted to be slightly better than Powerful (since it will only apply during certain times of day) and reduced the damage penalty during daylight.

Far Harbor effects:

Successful blocking is demanding enough that carrying a legendary just for that deserves an effect with more than 1/4 chance of working.
Blazing works on every successful block.

Trades proc chance for damage potential.

Disarmable attackers (that you would actually block) are rare enough, so I increased the proc chance to 75%.

Paralysis and damage bonus is a potent enough combination to warrant a 50% chance instead of 100%.

Vanilla version is essentially free Jet, LMR lowers the magnitude to 50% and increases duration to 5 seconds.
This makes it a weaker version of Jet (70% slow time for 10 * perk bonus seconds), but with unlimited uses and no addiction chance.

8.5: Damage changed to be in line with Two-shot.
8.7: Final shot deals double Two-shot damage. This makes it like Two-shot with no recoil if you have a 2-round magazine (ie Double-barrel Shotgun) and less useful the larger your magazine size. Note that this effect cannot be found on or attached to weapons with a mag size of 1.

Set slightly higher than Powerful since it won't work at all if shooting from the hip.

Boosted for those weapons where you reload pretty much all the time while under fire.

8.2: Works off the same variable as Deadeye, unfortunately.
8.7: The final round slows time like Deadeye. Deals +X% Damage (like Two-shot) to targets with 50% hp or less remaining.
This should help with tough opponents where accuracy is needed and high recoil is unwanted.

Slight boost.

Some notes about how damage works in Fallout 4:
These notes have been here for some time, but are now separate from the effect descriptions to make the above easier to read.

A note about vanilla Two-shot and its relatives:
The way the damage bonus works is it takes the weapons base damage (base damage*perks) and adds that to the weapons paper damage (base damage*mods*perks) to calculate total damage. This has the effect of doubling damage on an unmodded gun, but on a fully modded gun that bonus damage is less than 100%. On the other hand, if the receiver (or similar mod) imposes a damage penalty on the gun Two-shot ignores that too, making it more suitable for weapons with automatic receivers.
All vanilla +% Damage bonuses in the game works like this, including Powerful and Violent.

The spread penalty of Two-shot only applies to hip-firing. Aiming down the sights ignores the spread penalty. On top of this, there is a real-life weapon (AN-94) that fire two shots with one trigger pull, and they don't appreciably lose out on accuracy when doing so. LMR v8.1 removes the spread penalty on Two-shot for this reason.

NOTE: in LMR v8.5 the damage issue is no longer the case for Powerful and Two-shot, they now use the same mechanics as Class Damage (Assassin's etc) which bypass the not-stacking issue. Violent still suffers from it due to stuff I can't work around, but has been buffed to compensate (the values in brackets in the table).
In LMR 8.7 the above bonuses are instead based on a perk designed after the Nocturnal effect perk, which means Violent can use it too.

Flat damage bonuses:
These mods function and scale very differently from the majority of mods, as they add a flat damage rather than a %. Put Powerful on a ballistic rifle, a laser rifle, a plasma rifle and a scattergun and you will see the same effect.
Do the same with freezing and your results differ wildly: The ballistic rifle will get an additional damage type calculated separately from the ballistic damage, the laser rifle will get a straight boost to its primary damage as if it had Powerful (but not scaling to the weapons capacitators), The plasma rifle will get a bonus to its energy damage like a laser rifle but nothing for the ballistic portion. The scattergun will behave as any other ballistic gun, the extra energy damage applies to the shot as a whole, not to each individual pellet. Explosive WILL affect each individual pellet however.

On top of this, energy damage is calculated differently than ballistic damage.
Damage resistance (DR) reduces ballistic damage according to (Weapon base damage*receiver*perks), a pistol with 10 base damage and no points in Gunslinger shot against 10 DR results in 5 damage dealt, a 50% reduction.
A pistol with 10 base damage and 5 points in Gunslinger (for a total of 20 damage) shot against 10 DR results in 13 damage dealt, a 35% reduction.

Energy resistance (ER) reduces energy damage according to (Weapon base damage*receiver), a laser pistol with 10 base damage and no points in Gunslinger shot against 10 ER results in 5 damage dealt, a 50% reduction.
A laser pistol with 10 base damage and 5 points in Gunslinger (for a total of 20 damage) shot against 10 ER results in 10 damage dealt, a 50%
The flat damage of the elemental mods scale with the perks that apply to the weapon they are attached to, so a pistol with freezing (base +19) will have +38 energy damage with 5 ranks in Gunslinger, but it will still get reduced as if it was 19 damage.

On top of this a Damage over Time (DoT) effect are calculated against damage resistance every tick, so vanilla Incendiary (15 damage over 3 seconds) is 3 separate 5-damage hits, each reduced by ER. DoT damage does not scale with perks.

As it is, compared to Powerful the elemental legendaries are very strong in early game and on weapons with low damage and hi fire rate, while less useful later on (when receivers and capacitators increases paper damage) and on slow high-damage weapons.

There are also special effects to consider:
Freezing an enemy paralyses them for 10 seconds and frozen enemies take 25% more damage.
Plasma Infused usually leave Nuclear Material on gooified enemies.
Explosive deals damage in a radius, so you can hit a target as long as the bullet impacts somewhere close by. Explosive deals ballistic damage and can only be found on ballistic weapons. Explosive damage scales with weapon perks and the Demolitions Expert perk, however the bonus from weapon perks won't show up on the weapon card in the Pip-boy.
Each explosion is calculated separately against armor, even when fired using a shotgun (eight pellets = eight explosions).

Lucky weapon has two components: Critical damage bonus and Critical meter charge bonus.
Critical damage adds X% of the weapon base damage to your critical shot. A regular critical hit will add 100% extra damage. A Calibrated Receiver will add another 100% (total 200% on top of paper damage). The Lucky Weapon mod and the Better Criticals perk work the same, although Better criticals have an odd description, the third rank adds +150% critical damage, it doesn't multiply the total.
Of note is that a Photon Agitator on a laser or plasma gun will add +200% critical damage rather than the usual +100%.
This means that a vanilla Lucky Laser gun with a Photon Agitator and three ranks in Better Criticals will give you a grand total of: Weapon damage X +100% (base) +200% (Photon Agitator) + 150% (Better Criticals rank 3) + 100% (Lucky Weapon) = Weapon damage X +550% on a critical hit.

In LMR 8.3+ I have reduced the span of the Critical damage and added flat +% Damage to compensate. This gives Lucky weapons a more even damage output while ensuring the Critical shot itself isn't as disproportionate as in 8.1.

The second part of Lucky Weapon is the Critical Meter Charge Bonus. This seems pretty low in LMR, but that is due to how it works.
It takes 14 hits to fill the critical meter ('the meter') at 1 Luck, that means every hit fills the meter by about 7%. You would think vanilla Lucky multiplies this by 15%, filling 8% of the meter per hit (equaling a +1 luck bonus). This is not the case. A player with 1 Luck and a vanilla Lucky weapon will fill 7 + 15 = 22% of the bar each hit (equaling a +9 luck bonus).
There is a table in the images section above detailing the Lucky Weapon legendary.

LMR sets the charge bonus to 3.5% per shot, which equals a +2 luck bonus. I considered just putting a regular +2 Luck on the legendary, but looking at other legendary and non-legendary effects in the game I noticed that Stat bonuses are exclusively tied to apparel, and never occur on weapons (with one exception). Since the developers are willing to jump through hoops for it, I might as well too.
This has the side-effect of making Lucky Weapon underperform at 1-5 Luck, and overperform at 6+ Luck. Considering any Luck-based character worth it's salt has 6+ Luck (for Better Criticals) I figured it's a valid tradeoff, as a 6+ Luck score means skimping on other stats more conductive to combat.


The optional (In v7 and on this is installed in all versions by default, but 8.5 has this as an optional file again just in case) file "Legendary Modifiers Rebalanced Fewer Bad Bases" is an idea based on another mod "Legendary Loot Rebalanced" however much I liked the idea of the mod I felt it was too aggressive. My version of this change to the loot tables is less aggressive and does not completely remove any item. Feel free to use "Legendary Loot Rebalanced" if you prefer a more aggressive change to the loot table.

The "Meele" leveled list scales up to level 33. Spawn rate of "Bad" bases; Knuckles, Board, Baton, Boxing Glove, Knife, Lead Pipe, Pool Cue, Switchblade, Tire Iron, Walking Cane, Pipe Wrench reduced from 4.54% (1/22) at level 33+ to 2.38% (1/42) at 33+. Spawn rate of "Good" bases; Baseball Bat, Machete, Chinese Officer Sword, Revolutionary Sword, Sledgehammer, Super Sledge, Deathclaw Gauntlet, Shishkebab, Powerfist, Ripper increased from 4.54% (1/22) to 7.14% (3/42).

The "Special Guns" leveled list scales up to level 37. Spawn rate of "Bad" bases; Gamma gun, Fatman reduced from 16.66% (1/6) to 10% (1/10). Spawn rate of "Good" bases; Flamer, Railway Rifle, Minigun, Gatling Laser increased from 16.66% (1/6) to 20% (2/10).
There is a "Low" and "High" level list for regular guns.

For legendary enemies under level 15: Spawn rate of "Bad" bases; Pipe Gun, Pipe Bolt Action, Double Barrel Shotgun, Pipe Revolver reduced from 11.11% (1/9) to 5.26% (1/19). Spawn rate of "Good" bases; 10mm, Laser Musket, Hunting Rifle, Submachine Gun, Laser Gun increased from 11.11% (1/9) to 15.78% (3/19).

For legendary enemies level 15 and over: Very few changes were made the high level weapon list is very good at keeping bad items out. However the drop rate of "Special Guns" was increased from 8.33% (1/12) to 14.28% (2/14) in two entries in the leveled list at level 15 and level 40. Due to this

change all other weapons in the regular guns group change from 8.33% (1/12) to 7.14% (1/14).

There is a "Low" and "High" level list for regular armor.

For legendary enemies under level 15: Spawn rate of "Bad" bases; Leather Armor, Raider Armor reduced from 20% (1/5) to 10% (1/10). Spawn rate of "Good" base; Metal Armor remains 20%. Spawn Rate of "Good" bases; Synth Armor, Combat Armor increased from 10% (1/5) to 30% (3/10).

For legendary enemies level 15 and over: Spawn rate of "Bad" base; Leather Armor reduced from 25% (1/4) to 8.33% (1/12). Spawn rate of "Bad" base; Raider Armor increased from 0% (0/4) to 8.33% (1/12). Spawn rate of "Good" base; Metal Armor reduced from 25% (1/4) to 1.66% (2/12). Spawn rate of "Good bases; Synth Armor, Combat Armor increased from 25% (1/4) to 30% (4/12).

All percentages quoted are based on the event that particular loot table is chosen for the drop. Before a loot table is selected the game decides if it will be a weapon or armor, and based on the monster level the loot table is selected. I quote the drop rate at level ranges because the leveled list introduces more items as the level increases meaning this percentage will vary at lower levels but still have a tendency to give fewer "Bad" bases and more "Good" bases.