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A DLC size quest that will take you to an unknown island filled with puzzles and traps. can you survive? can you find your way out of this island?

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So, for those of you who have played the first chapter, it's similar to that, but this one is much longer and harder, and you'll have a qeust and a backstory that will guide you through this mission.

so,here it goes:

Ultimate Survival Test.chapter2

story behind this mod: The brotherhood of steel invites the player to join them on a new expedition(regardless of your relationship with them), to an unknown island, it is said that this island is home to a unique cult,who worship a mysterious god! and they have access to some prewar technologies, technologies that even the brotherhood is afraid of! you will take a plane and fly to this island,but as soon as you see the island,the plane crashes and you all black out. when you wake up,all your companions (BOS soldiers) are gone and you are all alone, and you must solve a series of puzzles and mysteries while killing some powerful enemies,in order to find a way out of this island. The cult leader's character is heavily based on the Jigsaw killer from the SAW movies, so this mod is filled with deadly traps and games! games that you'll just gonna love!!
when you start the game, a quest "killing just another raider" starts.follow the quest and will take you to the island

Some notes about this mod

  1. Even though you technically shoudn't be able to fast travel out of the island, if you swim or walk far enough from the main locations,you might find a location that i forgot to mark as not being able to teleport, so if you do, please don't teleport out of the island,mainly because you won't be able to go back there again!... the same goes for your followers/companions, so you might want to leave them behind before entering this quest...
  2. You don't have to kill any of the victims in the games, there is always a hidden option you can take,to save the victims
  3. anything you might need,is provided for you in the island(if you look around and search every place), there are many hidden loots and treasures all around, behind the walls,under and over objects, so i highly recommend that you enter this mission with nothing but a gun and some stimpacks.
  4. even though i was working on this mod for the past two weeks, as i was finishing the details and finalizing the quest line, a lot was going on in my real life (i got a promotion and a lot of new projects and not enough time) so to be honest, i couldn't test and try each and every concept and option before publishing this mod,so you might encounter some bugs while exploring and exhausting every different option and every different ending in this mod( and yes there are few different ending for this mod!) , but the mod generally works and in your first playthrough, you probably won't have any problem,but if you see something that isn't working correctly,please report back and i'll fix it in no time...
  5. when you get inside the pyramid, if you are wearing a powerarmor,don't try jumping down the stairs to get to the ground floor faster, first of all,there are invisible walls preventing you to do so, and even if you use console commands or find a spot without the invisible wall, if you jump down,you'll miss a lot of key items and cause the death of all the victims you left behind
  6. The last time i tested the mod, the victims refused to run away after you saved them, even though technically i fixed the problem, i didn't have the time to test it again and make sure the problem is fixed, so if it's still the same,just ignore it, know that they will eventually teleport out and you will see them again before leaving the island
  7. read every note,listen to every tape and consider all clues that you'll find,they can help you make sense of what's going on in the island...this mod contains a bunch of different stories that were suppose to come together in a final scene which lead to a huge battle between the BOS and the cult,but the thing is, i had to cut hours of content in order to finish the mod while i had the time to support and fix it,so, seeing traces of all those cut contents might confuse you a little bit, but if you look closely and you know a bit about the FO lore, this mod would make much more sense to you...
  8. Depending on your choices, you might meet the cult leader either way too early,or not atall! so if you didn't get to see him,it's not a bug,it's just the consequences of your choices,so maybe reload and redo/undo your last choice.
  9. last but not least, even if you are an enemy of the brotherhood, the BOS characters in this mod should be friendly towards you, however it is highly recommended that you play this quest with a character who is either a friend to the BOS, or at least have a neutral relationship with them. the default assumption is that you're neither a friend nor a foe to the brotherhood.(for example after you help danse and before becoming a knight)