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A basic overhaul,cleanup and expansion of the build area

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Well...guess who  is  back ?  :P

Im  finally  back hopefully for  as long  as  my  economic  situation  allows....and  im  hungry  for  modding  !!!

Im  starting off  slow  because (dont laugh)..being  a  old  fart  i  forgot a lot  of the  stuff  i  did  and  how  i  did  it...


B) CLEAR THE  BAD  GUYS  AND CLAIM  THE WORKSHOP  BEFORE  YOU INSTALL THIS MOD  (dont build anything ).  Simply open and close the workshop and fast travel to  another location  and  THEN  save..

So here  is  a simple Overhaul of  Kingsport lighthouse  that  some  of  you  asked  for  a  while  back.

I  took  it  and  cleaned  it  up,rebuilt the  house  with  a  few  modifications,added  some  things  here  and  there  to  make  it  more  interesting
and obviously  made  the  build  area  HUGE!!!

No  issues  to  mention  and  settlement data  is   as  in  the  vanilla  game.

Ive  also regenerated precombines etc. to  avoid  any  flickering,lag  etc.(ill  be  doing  this  for  all  my  mods )

Thats  it  for  now...

If  you enjoy it.. please endorse  and  if  anyone  wants  to  help  out  even  more  you  can  donate  as  well...

Thanks  friends....


As promised..
Kingsport  got  an  EXPANSION...
We  now  have  a tiny  bit  of  Far harbor in  the  Commonwealth   :P
Its in the  form  of  a small island  which  obviously is  part of  the  main settlement  and the  build  area  reaches  there  as  well...
I built  a  single Home (perfect  for a player home) that  is  quite  roomy  and  has  a  great  view.
Ive  also added a  couple  of  boats also  usable especially  the  big  Tug  at the  main port.
As usual ive  furnished all most  zero   so  that  you  have  something  to  do  :P
Also fixed the  radiation issue at  the  main port..and  some  bits  and  pieces  i  found..

Have Fun!