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  1. Eddyoshi
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    I've been struggling to find out which mod was the cause, and I think its this one that is causing the issue. After I use VATS, my character will always block when bringing up a melee weapon. Once I then save, and remove the mod, the constant blocking is still in effect. He does the block everytime I: bring out the weapon, sprint with one, exit VATS...

    It's a real shame because the Slowing down VATS bit of the mod actually worked and I really loved it...
  2. whiskeyjack9105
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    Very nice. The NPC does sort of keep moving a little bit while in VATS before coming to a complete stop, and every so often there'll be a bit of slow-mo dialogue playing, but I haven't really seen another mod that brings this feature of 3/NV back in 4, so thanks!
  3. Grandson Of Sam
    Grandson Of Sam
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    Thanks for this, I'm too slow to play FPS games anymore. In FO3 I didn't use VATS at all and managed to headshot without fail, in NV I used it sometimes and mostly managed with bodyshots, but in this one I practically use VATS for 80-90% of the fights, except for sniping. Aging is not easy. :-D
  4. User_63696896
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    Now you can have F76 VATS in FO4! I don't know why you would... but you can!
    1. Loveblanket
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      This is quite literally the opposite of F76 VATS system. This is the system used in F3 and FNV.
    2. AndolphHilter
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      I think he's talking about the version that makes V.A.T.S. real time.
  5. Swordsguy2010
    • member
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    The mod...works? ..Kind of?? i mean, they do pause, but if they are moving in any direction, they freeze but quite often they'd continue moving in that very direction. if they were going up stairs they would fly up into the air because there planet needs them. (to a point anyways) if there are any dead bodies on screen when you hit Vats there clothing will glitch out and stretch for as long Vats is running including the clothes of any live targets..
  6. MartinWave
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    It doesnt work, I have installed the mod but the VATS speed is still the same. I installed the main file and then optional to set speed e.g. on 5 percent but nothing works. The speed is still the same, there is no option anywhere in the game how to change the speed, there is no description how to do it. Why? Can you please tell me how to change speed?
  7. omegaalpha04
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    Works perfectly (after I figured out I had to enable it in the main menu) .. thanks for this! ^_^
  8. Birii
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    Is it possible to make it freeze time right after you press VATS key? Because right now it's not working like F3. Actually there is a time period when action camera flies up to your target, and the time goes on during this animation. And only when it's done zooming it freezes. Sometimes it matters.
  9. TinyInternetTree
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    Great mod, can we get one that pauses everything in the background when in dialogue?
  10. LizardCor
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    This mod it's great. However during the fight if i'm in VATS and I take hit ( get bullet ) from enemy, my screen permanently freezing.... Nothing happend. Only what I can do it's Ctrl+Alt+Delete and launch game again.