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12 outfits based on the show Firefly (+the movie Serenity).
Outfits made by Perraine, touched up and packaged by me.

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"You're Browncoats 'eh? Fought for independence?" 
"War's long done.  We're all just Folk now." 

Howdy there, space cowboy!

About the mod:
Hello all.  Any fans of Firefly/Serenity out there?  If so I've got a real treat for you!  If not, have a look and you might see something you like anyways. 
This mod is a collection of a dozen outfits (i think there are a total of 14 outfit meshes including a hat) based on the crew of the Serenity
All are craftable at Chem station under "Browncoats" and take ballistic weave.  Some also have the option of adding on the nominal "brown coat."  I even added a few color customization options if you're not a big fan of the color brown. 
Only the Mal and Shepard outfit have proper male/female versions, the others are all combined together for convenience: Simon and River Tam use the same outfit, as do Jane and Kaylee (also Wash and Zoey).  If someone wants me to make full male/female outfits out of everything, let me know, but as is I don't really see the need. 


Simply put, all credit goes to Perraine.  Specifically Perraine's HDD Collection, which is where I got all of this from.  In fact, if you've already downloaded it, there's no need to overwrite anything: the parts I changed are in a different folder so you're good to go! 
My only contribution was to make the .esp and throw in some re-textures.  I also touched up the meshes a bit and added bodyslide files.
Oh, and a big shout-out to Lazyman555 for Perraine Outfits Pack.  It includes a plugin for most of the rest of of Perraine's stuff.  (if you're wondering why you would download my stuff instead of his, my mod has moderately touched-up meshes and some color customization, just FYI)

Story time:
Well, this mod turned into a lot more trouble than I thought it would be.  I'm not complaining buuut...
A couple weeks ago Perraine released Perraine's HDD collection as a modder's resource.  As a low-level modder who mostly makes cheep mashups in my free time, I immediately got excited at the possibilities (and I'll be getting back to those... yeeeess...).  but first things first: I thought someone ought to make a plugin to let people actually try these out in-game.  Instead of talking on the entire 100+ mesh package all at once I thought I'd break it up and try a few smaller themed packages.  Well, Lazyman555 beat me to the punch (which, not gonna lie, brings his username into question.) and released a nice big juicy plugin last week before I'd even gotten to the meat of mine.  I noticed he hadn't posted screenshots of the Firefly outfits, so maybe there was still room for my mini-pack...
Unfortunately, when Perraine said these were released as WIP... he wasn't kidding.  It took a lot of work to reduce the clipping to acceptable levels.  To accomplish that I had to ditch three outfits: both Inara dresses (they weren't rigged for animations.  Let me know if you're interested: I have an idea that's crazy enough to work, but I'm no animator, so don't hold your breath) and River's battle dress (the one she wears during the big battle in the movie: It wasn't rendering in-game.  Something about vertex count or location: it's all Greek to me).  Also, for some reason, I had to separate some of the outfits instead of having them be one outfit with a customization option to switch between meshes (it just wasn't swapping... first time it's happened to me so IDK what's going on). 
Anyways, enough of my rambling: Perraine gave the community a great gift and I've packaged a part of it for your convenience.  Enjoy.  If you like how it turned out, screenshots are appreciated, but definitely go endorse the original mod

"Everything's shiny Captain, not to fret!" 

I know there's still some clipping, but I think I took care of the worst of it.  If you spot ANY OTHER PROBLEM, don't hesitate to let me know: I got the feeling i might have misspelled something along the way, so things may not all be packaged properly....
I support my mods (as much as possible: I can't fix the problem if you don't tell me what it is) and I take requests, so if you've got any bright Ideas, hit me up and I'll give a listen. 

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