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Changes Vault-Tec rep's name to Clark Rogers after you meet him again. nothing more. so much less.

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As we all know our favorite character, Vault-Tec rep, has always been there for use and has been a major part in all of our playthroughts. So why is he simply titled Vault-Tec rep? When by the end of his long 4 season character arc, he is no longer representing them. why must he continue to be represented by a company which if my 100% always correct character analyiss skills tells me anything. it tells me that he hgolds bitterness at the very least towards the company who as far as know is only offering him a chance at wining a set of stake knifes at a raffle. who knows if he's even getting a regular celery?
To remedee this disservice to his character we have decided to gift him, to honor him, with his very own younique name, Clark Rogers, the nerdeisns (affectionateI) name we could come up with. do we really need anything else? like a closing paragraph?


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