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Conversion of REB85's 1911 Moses and Corvus pistols to a game asset.

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1911 Moses and Corvus

Version: 1.5.0

Date: 20 June 2021

Author: jsnider193, Ragnarr1313 and REB85

PORT TO XBOX - N/A.  If someone would like to do this they have permission.

1.  Description: Conversion of REB85's 1911 Moses pistol to a game asset.

LAW OF MOSES (COLT 1911) - (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/51012) by REB85.
1911 CORVUS - (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/52638) by REB85.

The 1911 handgun is the brainchild of one John Moses Browning, easily the most brilliant and certainly most important firearms designer to have lived. Handguns and long guns designed by JMB have either survived wholesale or formed the basis for some of the most popular firearms in existence.  This version is engraved in his honor and has extra power built into it.

Moses 1911 Special ID: XX00FBB8
Corvus 1911 Special ID: XX011A7C
3. Mods:  There are some general mods for the barrel, the grip and the receiver.  These mods for the receiver do not change the look of the weapons just tweak the performance.  Additionally, there is currently one scope and one night site that can be attached to the pistol.
Open to input in this area for other mods that may be useful for the weapons.

4. Constructible Weapons/Ammunition:  The weapon may be built at the Chem Station under the category 1911M.  It uses standard 45 caliber ammo from the base game.

5. Container:  The item must be made at the chem station, none have been placed in the Commonwealth to be found.

6. Plans & Issues: will tweak the performance and add some mods based on user feedback.  
Only issue i found is can not get the grip to change from pistol to rifle using the mod features that the pipe weapons have ... will look at but probably will require a special animation or making the weapon with the front grip a separate WEAPON item.

7. Credits: REB85 for the resource here on the FO4 Nexus.

8.  Tools ... 
Body Slide/Outfit Studio