Fallout 4
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About this mod

A little personal touch to one of my favorite landscape mods

Permissions and credits
Pine Forest was a mod that is no longer on Nexus, my intention is to take up the work done by MassShep to give it my personal touch and improve certain points.

What does this mod do:
Add lots of pines to the Commonwealth.

Currently differences with original mod:
-LOD improved
-More variety of trees and flora (I used Boston Natural Sourranding as a framework and some of its trees)
-Slightly improved textures for some of the pines
  -Extra (optional) plugin that adds fog like in Far Harbor
-Fixed clipping in some highway areas
-I got rid of certain changes the original mod makes to the weather and lighting for better compatibility.
-the same as above but with grass

Things to do:
The mod does not break vanilla precombines but I'd like to add the new meshes to a new precombine when I find out how to do it.

MassShep All the hard work
DeathByKittyOynlentookiejones and SureAl team for treepine01 and its lod.
Oynlen some custom lod billboards