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This Mod is replace Additional Texture for Weapon

Permissions and credits
=============== Installation ===============

Read this Carefully
u must have Requirement mods before using my texture, or it wont work. 

Remember my texture mod is not in BA2 format. 
the installation process should not be random. must follow the order that I have made. or it won't work
so lets do this

Steps :
1. Download & Install Accuracy International L96A1 by Utherien (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/38554) <<<<<< MUST HAVE to WORK
2. Download & Install Gee - L115A1 Point Blank Sound for L96A1 by GXIIXVII (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/50694) additional for u who miss the sound of Point Blank Sniper
3. Download & Accuracy International L96A1 Additions by Ardent117 (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/45428) <<<<<< MUST HAVE to WORK
4. Download & Install my Gee - CSGO AWP Skins for L96a1 <<<<<< MUST HAVE to WORK
5. Enjoy

=============== How To Acquire it ===============
1. go to console and type this "help L96A1 4 weap" then use this "player.additem (code)" 
2. if u want all the skins in your Inventory , just do this "player.additem (code)" 9 times
3. now go to Weapon Workbench change texture in material section.
4. ENJOY . !!!

================= Known Bugs =================

1. Some times if u seeing this weapon too close, texture will change to grainy noise . if u see little far the texture will back .
   i dont know how to fix this. i just newbie modder here that want to share my work . 
   if u can fix it, just ask me. Thanks.
2. im newbie in editing too, so if u  see any weird texture in this mod please calm. 
3. if u following my instruction but it doesnt work, u can ask the other Pro modder. beacause im install this manually.

Credits : 
Thanks to Utherien for L96A1 .
Thanks to Ardent117 for allow me to edit his texture. without him i will not doing this
Thanks to CSGO for awesome AWP Skins
Thanks to Fallout 4 for awesome game which is have a huge of awesome Mod