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Turns the Wharfside cottage to an underground passageway to locations around the Commonwealth and even the Institute.

Permissions and credits
-Best for Survival Runs
-Less Walking through the Commonwealth and faster load times
-A different way to play the game and explore

-This mod was designed to make it so you can get to the main places you want to go much easier while still having the challenge of the game present in Survival Mode. 

-Made and tested to play alongside to Subway Runners and Subways of the Commonwealth to give you a better underground experience.

-Also a version to bring new people in to one of the best mods of all time 

Concord Civic Access
Malden Drainage
Malden Center
Taffington Boathouse
College Square Station
Copley Station
Kenmore Station
Fens Sewer
Boston MTA/32 Court (New Locations)
Boston Mayoral Shelter
Custom Tower House
Cambridge Public Works
Federal Surveillance Center K-21B
Mass Turnpike
West Roxbury Station
Posidon Energy
Park Street Station
Medical Center Metro
Andrew Station
University Point
Valenti Station
Revere Beach
Vitale Pumphouse

Also adds a backstory to Absalom along with new NPC traders.  A hardened religious trader named Junkyard roams the Commonwealth. Who is he really? Future updates will answer that.....

Either have a traditional ending that points directly to Main Quest Shortcut or take a dive into the Thuggyverse with Project Valkyrie and meet Valkyrie early.

Requires Nuka World and Far Harbor DLC as it uses a small amount of assets from those expansions.