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it's to help you in case you have fps/lag problems.

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  1. Fog.esp (file 1)
  2. Shadow and Grass Tweaks (file 1).
  3. Meshes  (file 2) : these meshes tweaks the flying particles, fog and mist, for more FPS (see details bellow)
  4. Clear Weather : An optional "Clear Weather file, to prevent the lag caused by some types of weathers.
      (you can use any combination)

Its to help with fps/lag problems.


You don't need this if you are not having any lag.
you can use any combination.
I strongly recommend at least using the meshes, they are very helpful and i don't know of anyone that did these specific mesh tweaks before... to address the lag problem of the mist, fog and flying particles.

Use all (tweaks + esps ... ) if you want the best results in exteriors and interiors too.
Beware though that the shadow tweaks will remove most of the shadows. in my opinion, i prefer to have a smooth playable game that i can enjoy playing, so i don't mind sacrificing the shadows.
Anyways, its all about your pc limitations, a powerful rig doesn't need any fps boosters.



  • 1- The tweaks should boost your fps  by tweaking the shadows (most of them removed). Please note that sunny days are still there, no big shadow everywhere
  • The night time areas kind of blend together a bit more and the dark areas (interiors) are a bit lighter since the shadows are different . please note that even with "Darker Nights" installed it will look a bit lighter, so you may want to use a darker setting version of "Darker Nights" if you aren't running the darkest one yet. 
  • Things like expanded metal with fire in them still cast their coolguy shadows, so the game does not look like it's had all shadows stripped out, for anyone wondering.
  • Note : the needed number of  9s in the tweaks can vary from one pc to another, the base is 6*9s. i am using 8. try which number is best for your pc (the number affects the flicker if you have any).  

     Added in 3.01 a second alternative way to tweak the shadows.
(the characters shadows will remain here) 
     (if you are noticing some delay at exiting dialog with NPCs or some general flicker, use this one).

     The instructions also includes a tip on how to get more FPS by lowering the amount of grass spawning in your game.

  • 2- The fog esp. addresses the fog problem of the game for more fps, especially in interiors. it only modifies one record (lowering the directional fog power from 8 to 1). It doesn't remove it or make it distant, it makes it ~still instead so it doesn't eat your fps .

     Optional Clear weather :

  • If you are really suffering from some types of weathers causing FPS drops, like foggy, misty, misty rainy ... etc, you can use the Clear Weather file that you can find under optional. it will make the weather always clear in all areas other then the glowing sea (left untouched).
  • my personal pref for the weather system for sh*ty pcs like mine.
  • i know that it's a very drastic solution, but if you have a weak pc that can't handle those types of weathers without FPS drop, you can find this very helpful.

     Custom Meshes :

  1.  these meshes tweaks the flying particles that you see flying around in some interior cells (they eat FPS like hell).
  2.  And the overall mists and fogs attached to camera, in inside and outside areas. 
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- I find nothing at all 'fishy' about your suggestions to get better fps from the game. In fact, I find the directions very clear, and the results are extremely good! Not only did my fps increase by 20fps, but the overall effect was to increase the gamma of the game, making everything seem much brighter and crisp. The game was, to me, always too dark when indoors, and this makes things just right, without having to use the Pip-Boy light. Overall, I rate your tweak a 10 out of 10. Just to settle those who are super picky about nouns  ...

- Wow, it works! Thx a lot, endorsed .

- Wow!!! It just works!!! Previously I got 4-8 fps. It was a headache. But now I run smoothly with 60+ even in the city Its a miracle.

- You All Merely Adopted the Lag
I was born in it. Molded by it
I didn't even see 29+FPS until I used this mod.
(response to this post from another user) : 
Great speech, my friend. BTW i was gonna write this before i realized your post.

- Hey,
never commented on the nexusmods before but I really want to thank you for this mod, my fps increased by 10-20 fps 
I'm so happy I can finally play! endorsed of course
edit: wtf I just tested the second trick too and MY f***ing GAME IS JUST f***ing FLUID MAN f***. I FEEL LIKE I PLAY ON A CONSOLE. I'm crying it's so beautiful. and the coolest thing is that the graphics are still good too. My fps didn't increase by 10-20 fps but by 5626516526516226520 fps. Holy s*** man, thanks.

- The .ini tweaks are what did it for me. Went from 12-13 in busy areas to 25-26. I got maybe 1-2 more fps from the .esp, but, using both, things improved drastically. Thank you very much! The game is SO much smoother now. Well done.

- These tweaks make my game run silky smooth and noticeably better than ever before.

- I'm trying not to hyperbolic, but your fog shadow fix might have literally saved the game for me. Like, wow, how is this mod so low in popularity?

- I almost never comment on a mod, but I have to praise you for this! This made my game 41-50 fps stable from 40-20 fps, its an insane boost, probably the first fix ever I have tried that does fix a game performance, I tried so many to make this game run. I have everything to the max, minus good rays, which are on low. The game looks amazing, I dont notice any drop in shadow quality, now I can play it without it being a fps drop fest. Runs rock solid on my SSD. Thank you for this! (haloce 2210)


DOWNLOAD "GREAT FPS BOOST FILE" , UNPACK ANYWHERE, OPEN (the instructions file) IN NOTEPAD, choose your option (very easy steps) .




Please, if you decided to use the ini. tweaks, don't forget to set your pref.ini  to "read only" after doing the modifications .


many thanks for Mr.dave for his help and testing and images (give him a kudos too) .
the esp was made with fo4edit , so many thanks for the guys working on it too . (don't give them any kudos they already have a lot) (just kidding) .