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Changes the ammo type from .45 to 5mm

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Changes the ammo type from .45 to 5mm. This thing eats up ammo like a motherf***er and .45 is already not cheap and can be used on the combat rifle, which is a much better gun than the smg and an unleveled version spawns literally right across the road from Covenant, which you can get pretty early. But at the same time, 5mm ammo is very cheap and this weapon, again, eats bullets up. This mod also gives you a reason to use up your 5mm bullets other than selling them, because the minigun is pretty bad if you're not investing into it.

Also, before anyone says anything about it, yes, I know the real life tommy gun does use .45 as well as 10mm. I was thinking about making it 10mm instead, but the Triggermen spawn with 10mm pistols and 10mm pistols do more damage and would be much more reliable than the smg if they both used 10mm. But on the other hand, there is the 5mm bullets which, in Fallout, are used for miniguns as well as other weapons with high fire rates (e.g. Assault Carbine from New Vegas). I thought this would fit very well on the smg even if the choice is unrealistic. If you want the gun to be close to it's real-life counterpart, I'd recommend you ignore this mod and get a mod that buffs the smg's damage instead. I recommend this one: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/23282.


Idk. Anything that changes the ammo type of the gun obviously isn't compatible.


Not that I know of, but I don't know much about modding, so let me know if I missed something and I'll try to fix it