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A LooksMenu skin override that can be used to make characters that look exactly like ghouls.

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Ghoul Skin for LooksMenu

A set of LooksMenu options that can be used to make characters that look exactly like ghouls. Because this is just a LooksMenu override, the visual change should be 100% voluntary: it shouldn't retroactively apply to old characters, and it should be available at all times including pre-War. Moreover, because your race doesn't change, you should retain the full complement of character customization options. However, ghoul characters made with this mod are not naturally immune to radiation, and are not recognized by the game as ghouls; you'll have to use console commands or other mods to achieve that effect.

This mod works entirely through the F4EE API, a system that sits between the base game and LooksMenu. This means that this mod should avoid the compatibility issues that affected much older character creation mods.


First, enter Body customization and press Q or (RT) (gamepad) to enter the Skin menu. There, select the Ghoul option. This will give your character ghoul skin and a noseless face. Note that changing your skin override will clear all "morph groups," apparently as a necessary part of how LooksMenu works. The term "morph group" seems to refer to things like eye and mouth options (e.g. "Prominent 2"). For this reason, if you're making a new character, changing to a ghoul should be the very first thing you do, so that you don't lose any of your work. If you want to change an existing character into a ghoul, then just brace yourself for the loss.

After you've done that, return to the face menu. Press E or (X) (gamepad) to enter the Extras menu. There, select the Ghoul Face menu. Here, you'll find the "splotches" and "spots" options that Bethesda uses to customize ghouls in the vanilla game. You'll also find an option named Base Skin Texture. Enable that option. The "morph groups" I talked about above include both shape changes and texture changes, and the morph groups' human face textures apply on top of LooksMenu skin overrides. If you want to be able to change the shape of your character's eyes, mouth, and similar features, then you'll need this Extras option to apply the ghoul textures over the human textures that go over the ghoul textures. We're basically fighting LooksMenu's limits using LooksMenu's features.

If you edit your Body Overlays in LooksMenu, you may see a Ghoul Body Textures overlay. You do not need to use this overlay. If you choose to use it, you'll get ghoul textures from the neck down -- something already provided by the skin override -- but without losing your nose. You could in theory use it with the Extras option to have a ghoul with a nose, but the textures are designed to appear on a noseless face, so the nose will just look odd. Still, the options are there.

Known Issues

During character creation, if you apply a LooksMenu skin override, it may only appear on the head and hands. This should be temporary, and is fixed by unequipping and re-equipping your clothes after exiting LooksMenu. My guess is that this has to do with how clothing and armor work in Bethesda RPGs: they replace entire body parts, which means that some clothing and armor models actually include bare skin. The game should properly texture that bare skin, but perhaps LooksMenu's override system struggles to deal with it during character creation.