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You can manage all of your Provisioners remotely from your Pip-Boy / Power Armor interface: reroute them (new home/destination), add them to your map, request information about them, cease their Supply Lines and so on. Includes an optional Provisioner Workshop Assignment Menu.

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About this mod:

You can manage all of your Provisioners and Supply Lines in a holotape ("Find My Provisioners"). It can be used in the Pip-Boy and any Power Armor.

Notes: from v2.0., DLCs are no longer required, only the base game. I've made the menus even more user friendly ("minimalist design"). Scripts are much faster.

With this mod, you can:

1. Track your Provisioners:

- Track all of them (add / remove all Provisioners to / from the map)

- Track Settlement Provisioners (add / remove Settlement Provisioners to / from the map)

- Track one Provisioner (add / remove a selected Provisioner to / from the map)

2. Manage Provisioners and Supply Lines:

- Reroute Provisioners

- Assign them to new Home Settlement

- Assign them to new Destination Settlement

- Create a whole new Supply Line with the Provisioner (means new Home and Destination Settlements)

- Cease Supply Line (the selected Provisioner will return being a Settler and go home)

- Request information about the Provisioner and Supply Line

- Provisioner's Name and Sex

- Inventory (Outfits, Weapons, Armors. Only this function requires F4SE)

- Remove all Supply Lines (in the Settings menu. Removes all Supply Lines instantly)

3. Provisioner Workshop Assignment Menu: can be turned on / off in the Settings menu.

- When you encounter a Provisioner on the road, you can add / remove them to / from the map, edit their Supply Lines and so on.

- Access Workshop Containers (of the linked Settlements)

Provisioner Tracker

Settlements with Supply Line

Management Menu

Workshop Assignment Menu

Use the holotape in 
Power Armor


This is a standalone mod, it should be compatible with any other mod.


Whenever you like.