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"The Rusty Tub" a Fallout 4 Concept Texture RETEXTURE! (Huzzah).

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"Why is the Prydwen a rusty tub ?? anyone with half a sense would recognize the fact that the B.o.S is a military organization and therefore, as a matter of routine, pride and discipline.. keep weapons and equipment in spotless order.. so why is it such an eyesore ? one would think that redesigning anything B.o.S would mean getting it into shape and scrap the Beth vision of a dumpster with assorted hobos floating around"

"in-game lore says it was partly built with the wreckage of an Enclave base; it may be that the BoS doesn't have the wherewithal to create metal of that magnitude; besides which, it may be that cleaning the rust off of the exterior was considered too dangerous, due to it being suspended so high off the ground"