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Adds a total of about 50 new recipes for cooking stations

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This mod adds around 50 new recipes for you to craft at cooking stations, many of which were inspired by or taken from Fallout 76. Some of these items have new effects, such as granting bonuses to critical damage, and increasing more obscure resistances.

There are three different .esps included in this download, and you should only use one:
1. A basic package of new recipes, doesn't add any to do with any of the DLC; intended for players without any DLC
2. An expanded package of new recipes, some of which rely on ingredients added by DLC; requires both Far Harbor and Nuka-World
3. The full package plus tweaks to existing recipes to make them more reasonable; removes excessive demands of raw meat and certain obscure/weird ingredients

Select the .esp you want, move it into your data folder, then activate by whatever means you prefer.