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Block god rays shining through the ground with terrain underside meshes for Commonwealth, Far Harbor and Nuka World.

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ESL flagged plugin.
Requires FarHarbor, NukaWorld and Mod Configuration Menu (MCM).


Install as any other mod and activate plugin.
Load order is not important. Other plugins that modify the world space or persistent cell records should load after this.


To update from 1.0 to 2.0 simply replace all files. Only the Commonwealth underside meshes changed in TerrainUndersides - Main.ba2.


Can be uninstalled at any time. Simply disable plugin and remove all files.


Defaults to lowest quality terrain underside meshes for each worldspace.
Use the MCM to choose between different quality terrain underside meshes. Lower quality has better performance but is less close to the original terrain.
Use the MCM to lower the terrain underside mesh in case it can be seen poking through the original terrain.
The current active terrain underside mesh and height settings are stored in the normal save game.


Simple plugin that places a simplified terrain mesh just below the full terrain facing the opposite direction so it blocks the sun.
If a mod makes drastic height changes to the terrain, it is possible for the terrain underside mesh to be seen despite lowering it.
Intended to be used alongside mods like Sunlight Alignment Tweak - Better Dawn and Dusk.