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  1. djrxmx
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    For anyone who cares to know, I have found the best visuals & ENB with Reshade combo since I began playing Fallout 4 back in November 2015. I have tried quite a number of different configurations/presets/visuals, and so this is the best setup I have seen on my screen: (3 very popular mods that go together really, really well, imo)---
    1. Subtle ENB - Immersive Wasteland Preset (noidkid) http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/5885/?
    2. Fr4nsson's Light Tweaks (Fr4nsson) http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/2139/?
    3. Fallout 4 Enhanced Color Correction [Original version] (ChaosWWW)

    This setup definitely has a no-compromise visual mood to it, for lack of better words, very dark and gritty but not too much.
    If anyone is interested in experimenting with "that look" they are still searching for, you might consider these in your modded game.
    I also am playing Horizon and feel this visual combo goes great with it. (I'm sure FROST would combine with these choices as well.)

    Sorry I didn't include a screenshot, but I am willing to do so if someone's interested. Nonetheless, the mood that these three mods combined put forth is brilliant, imo.

    1. greg511
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      Do you also use True Nights as recommended on the Subtle ENB page ?
    2. Blazeofthecentury
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      Can I see a screenshot?
    3. zolrak23
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      I'll give it a try, its been a while since I last played FO4 and I''m in need of a fresh start.
    4. fallenangemon0
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      Someone sticky this comment because I'm now using the same setup and WOW is it fantastic.
    5. sunsi
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      djrxmx, took me a while to find a good setup so when I read your post I was amazed to see that you picked the same mods, I too have all those installed and find the results the best. Lots of trial and errors so you're saving people time and headaches.
    6. Calx9
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      You are insane you mad lad!!! I've been bouncing between lighting mods, ends, color corrections, and flashlight tweaks for WEEKS and this is hands down the best combination of settings! Every light was TOO BRIGHT with just Fr4nsson's, Enhanced Color Correction, and the pipboy flashlight. Get too close with your flash light to a wall or a door with a bright color and everything was gamma blinding. THIS IS PERFECT. I only add Dark Nights (Medium) but this is awesome. Thank you dude. BUMP THIS UP OR STICKY IT.

      Edit: PLUS there is no blur of the pipboy text like the NAC Enhancer ENB and a few others. I want to kiss you right now. I am finally finished with my Horizon mod list.
    7. MorrowindJunkie420
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      Amazing combo. Been also looking for ages for the right setup and this fits rights in withh my horizon playthrough.
      I'm also using True nights with True storms with this and can recommend those with this setup. Makes nights proper dark.

      This is perfection, so immersing, only downside i can think of is a bit too dark lighting in interiors but should be easily fine tuned with ENB brightness settings.
      (Might be becouse im using newest ENB 3.55 actually)

      Thanks and Kudos man!!!
    8. Tangodown123
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      • 15 posts
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      I stumbled across your 1-2-3 combination for my return to Fallout 4 and I really like it, thanks it looks great!
    9. Shadowmaster78
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      keep this post on top.. this combo is great
    10. Fibery
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    11. VenomousBlack
      • member
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      This is seriously the best combo I've ever used. Some of the other enbs either look too dark, bright, or washed out to me. The pip-boy blacks and colors are super crisp and not grayed at all. That was one of my biggest pet peeves. This combo right here enhances everything without compromises. I don't get any fps drops from this. For F4ECC I chose the 1.2 version cause the original was too dark for me, and I use ultra interior lighting placed above Fr4nsson's Light Tweaks. I tried other enbs just to make sure this was what I wanted and boy, I could't wait to switch back. IMO, this is the best. Thank you for this suggestion.
    12. buraxc
      • supporter
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      For those who are curious, I shared screenshots where this combo is compared with enb. the difference in quality and performance is clearly visible. Enb loses only 3 fps compared to the combo, but increases the image quality more.
    13. Gaeth
      • member
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      This mod + the enb looks amazing, can confirm. Very moody.
    14. nekokitteh00
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      Thank you! I will try this. I personally always have had a slight issue with the visuals in Fallout 4 and all of these mods seem really good. So I am happy to try your setup. :D
    15. Jrushy
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      I Agree 100%. This combo is absolutely unreal! been messing around with fallout 4 since 2015 and FINALLY I have the game I wanted 5 years ago.

      - Subtle ENB
      - Fr4nsson's Light Tweaks
      - Fallout 4 Enhanced Color Correction
      - Boston Natural Surroundings
      - Vivid Fallout all in One
      - WET
      - Pine Trees Redone for the LODs for Boston Natural surroundings.

      Seriously look no further, this is the absolutely the best combination. If your like me and struggle to get into the games that are coming out these days and have to keep falling back on fallout 4, this brings it up to 2020-2021 standards. Cheers. 
    16. TioMentos
      • supporter
      • 16 posts
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      I love you.
    17. Aleferr
      • member
      • 11 posts
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      Do you think Optimized Vanilla Textures would work fine with these mods? I just downloaded it and I'm not sure if I should activate it 
    18. Rhaevyn
      • premium
      • 1,788 posts
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      This would be awesome if Fr4nsson's covered DLC.  Great for the Commonwealth, but then you miss out on the lighting in FH and NW.  Shame.  I use Subtle, this mod, and Ultra Interior Lighting.  Looks good to me.
    19. korekjress
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      • 2 posts
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      Best combination ever!
  2. yld999999
    • member
    • 76 posts
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    Thank you so much! This is the one mod that makes the greatest change in visual performance.

    Only thing is that it seems not working in vault 88. Now my V88 looks so much grimmer than the out side world. Still my favorite performance mod! How I wish this mod could have an update! 
    1. twinchester
      • premium
      • 51 posts
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      My understanding is that these type of mods don't touch Vault 88 because it's a settlement area.
  3. 4estGimp
    • premium
    • 1,017 posts
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    Has anyone heard of a Gloom.2 version?  I like to pull down saturation but the contrast a bit much for me.  I'd go for a batch conversion of the LUT files if I had any clue how.
  4. gwennoryth
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    I didn't know how much I needed this mod until I downloaded it. Such a massive difference! Tysm!
  5. massoan
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    • 27 posts
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    Я использую этот мод с Vivid Weathers, и при солнечном свете все вокруг залито каким-то дымом (в тени и в пасмурную погоду такого нет) и при включении фонарика в темноте дым также появляется в воздуха. По какой-то причине ваш мод не справляется с этим дымом.
  6. Morphite88
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    Just wanted to drop by and say that this is a MUST-have for FO4! However, would be great if someone made something similar for Skyrim SE; all I really want is the subtle color corrections like this mod offers without extra ReShade/ENB/etc running alongside base game.
    1. randigby
      • premium
      • 3 posts
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      Try Imaginator. Its DIY but very easy and the results are great. Never felt the need for an enb for skyrim se due to that mod.
    2. Xerophthalmia
      • supporter
      • 325 posts
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      I'm running a new load order on Skrim SE and went for a reshade instead of an ENB. Low FPS hit and lots of filters to play with. Color corrections and better contrast, bloom etc.
  7. SomeBunnyLovesYou
    • member
    • 60 posts
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    Installed F4ECC - Original together with Calamity Weathers
    the game has changed for the better!
  8. zed140
    • member
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    Interesting... Do this conflict? I use true storm and realistic lighting
  9. RedSinister
    • member
    • 10 posts
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    An essential and simple mod that makes the game look better! If want more realism effect, use with ENB  
  10. deleted123282488
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    • 142 posts
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    i need this with enb?