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Moving player house contained in a longer vertibird.

Permissions and credits
Basically a rebuilt from the ground up of my Vertibird Traveling Home https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/25819

1. What it does
Longer Vertibird that can be moved between predetermined locations. Doesn't move in real time like other vertibirds.
Starting location is at the lake to the West of Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup.

To travel to a location you have to use "landing zone tools" on the red crates at each landing zone. Activate the red box with the landing zone tools in your inventory. Hints about each landing zone can be found on
the interior map and the terminal.

Use the Terminal to travel to different locations
-fuel chest needs to have fuel
-the location needs the landing zone equipment to be built.

Both items are crafted in the Chem Bench under Utility.

2. Features
-Doesn't break precombines unlike the previous version
-Twice the interior size
-Cooking and chemical stations
-Storage space
-Dirty water barrel
-Fuel costs to travel
-Makeshift pontoons to land in the water.
-Light switch
- A magazine rack

3. Things it doesn't do
-Interior is not navmeshed. It is would be too crowded if npcs could go inside.
-The bed animations go through the vertibird. Don't use mods that allow the player to use npc sleep idles.
-travel in real time.
-New meshes that have collision.
-had to use collision boxes
-settlement system to customize the interior
-Provide a clean professional uv map for the new parts.
-can't into texturing
-enjoy the kitbashed and stretched parts on top of my bad uv maps 
-Have the sleeping bed in the folded away postition, but still allow the player to sleep on it.
-I tried, but the attempts failed.

4. I want X feature
-perms are open
-You can release patches, fixes, port, release part or whole of the mod.
-I'm busy
-It took three and a half years before i decided to make it slightly bigger, so asking isn't the fastest way.
-I have three big projects I need to work on and working on this already feels like procrastination.
-Duathfel, Helgen Crossroads, Nebarra.

5. locations
check Images