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This mod adds new parts to the Automatron Robots!

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This mod adds new parts to the Automatron Robots!
Want to build your Own Drinking Buddy? Go into the Robot Workbench and add the part in the Front Armor Section of a Protectron!
Want a Mobile Brewery? You can give your Robot a Brewery Module to brew you some Alcohol! Found in the Misc Section of a Torso.
The Brewery will also add Nuka-Cola Beverages. And if the Robot has Dirty Water it will Purify the water over time!

You can also give your Robot a Radio!
Available for all Robots as a Special Mod this Radio has a few Options. As you're travelling or having the Robot Roam around a Settlement you can Configure it's Radio by looking at the Robot outside of the Robot Workbench.
What can you change? You can turn the Radio On or Off, Change the Radio's Frequency to any existing Radio Stations and Change the Volume of the Radio.
Frequencies! They're cool Vanilla Radio stuff. Every Radio has their own Frequency! Diamond City is 98.0000 and mods have their own Frequencies too! The Frequency for WRVR is 89.0959
Not all Radio Stations are listed in the Menu but if you know the Frequency you can Manually Input the Frequency!

Eyebots are Craftable as Torsos in the Robot Workbench!

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