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Gets rid of many of the perk requirements behind handmade rifle modifications and adds 5.56 receivers

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I hate (and I mean hate) how many of the handmade rifle's modifications are locked behind damage perks. It's infuriating, and I wonder if this is where Bethesda got the idea for levelled gear in Fallout 76. Seriously? I need Big Leagues to use a bayonet? If I were into Big Leagues, I wouldn't be using a rifle in the first place.

This mod removes many of the requirements for handmade rifle modifications, and adds 5.56 receivers that match all the pre-existing receivers. This allows you to effectively use any legendary handmades you find in the Commonwealth before starting Nuka-World, or if you use a mod that adds the handmade to Commonwealth levelled lists but don't also have a mod that adds DLC ammo. Though in that case, I really don't understand what you're doing.

Extract the .esp from this zip folder and enable in whatever mod manager you use.