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Modifies the highway system running along Nuka-World to make it more usable.

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This mod is split into two ESP-flagged ESL's. The Gunner plugin restores the large collapsed section north of the Bradberton Overpass gunner outpost. The other plugin contains patches for the rest of the highway. The highway is navmeshed, and precombine/previs data was generated for the cells that needed it. As such, I recommend loading this after any mods that touch the same areas of Nuka-World. 

To get the most out of this mod, I recommend setting bBorderRegionsEnabled=0 in your fallout4custom.ini, as it touches some of the highway that is outside of the playable area. I also recommend something to eliminate companion fall damage (such as Companion Fall Damage Immunity) as a precaution.

If you'd like to see something that does this sort of work on the Commonwealth highways, you might try the Highway Reclamation Project or Highway Runner.

Lastly, this mod was requested by mechatech. Enjoy!