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'Cos they will keep jumping off buildings :)

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I got fed up with my current companion complaining that they'd just crippled their leg again after failing to navigate some narrow stairs or walkway high up on a building roof.

So, I gave them the same immunity from fall damage you get from wearing power armor, I did it by adding it to the Inspirational perk they all have by default so I haven't edited the actual NPC records at all. As such the only compatibility issues will be if another mod modifies that same companion perk.

I thought initially it might only work with a new game, or I'd have to manually remove and re-add the Inspirational perk to each companion but it seems to work just fine without doing any of that :)

Important Note

Curie is missing the vanilla 'Inspirational' perk that my mod adds the fall damage immunity to, you'll need to give it to her manually with the console by typing: 00102249.AddPerk 001D33D7

Or download a mod like the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch that gives it to her.

Before I verified the problem with Curie, I'd had a report of Curie still getting fall damage, so I uploaded version 1.1, which added a new perk in addition to changing the existing Inspirational perk. Now that I've realised what the real problem was 1.1 is no longer needed.


If you don't use NMM, then unzip and place the ESP in your Fallout data folder, then either add it to your Plugins.txt file manually, or use one of the growing number of managers that have been uploaded here.


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As there were no official tools for Fallout 4 when I made this mod, this plugin/ESP was made in FO4Edit

So, use at your own risk!