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A fix for deaths under cryo effects leaving respawned actors broken. Affects cryolator, legendary effects, criticals and explosives.

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This is a fix for cryo damage causing respawned actors to be permanently broken. This affects cryolator, legendary effects(freezing, onblock), criticals(vats or overdrive) and cryo grenade/mine.

Changes are done to cryoFreezeSCRIPT.psc and FXCriticalCryoScript.psc and nothing else. The .esp file is blank, it is only there to load the .ba2 archive with 2 scripts. This also means, at least as far as I understand it, that you can remove this at any time with no consequences to your save file. There are no references of any kind that would be left behind.

The bugged paralyzing effect done via freezing critical stage has been replaced with cryolator specific paralyzing effect.
Anything that is immune to cryolator freezing will be immune to freezing legendary effect as well.

An easy way to check if this works for you would be to go to debugrange cell via "coc debugrange" which gets you to a perfect place for weapon testing, all dummies there respawn instantly but they do legitimately respawn, without a fix if killed by cryolator they will respawn broken, they have forced animatons so they don't fight back or move and they spawn with no items so no resistances.

Lastly if actor is already broken, this is not going to fix them. I'm not sure it's even realistically viable, atm I'm fairly sure the only retroactive fix is save editing and it would be anything but easy.

Source scripts are provided. Feel free to use/modify/wear em' on your head and so on.