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Turnes the Creation Club "Neon Flats" into a fully working settlement. Now the Neon Flats can be Settler/Companion home location, supports Supply Lines, has "Happiness" and other resource ratings and it shows up in your Pip-Boy under "Workshops" section.
Does not include and require the Creation Club content Neon Flats.

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About this mod:

Turnes the "Neon Flats" into a fully working settlement.

The Neon Flats now supports Supply Lines and has "Happiness" ratings and it shows up in your Pip-Boy under "Workshops" section.
You can also send Settlers/Companions to the Neon Flats.

Why are the Neon Flats' first and top floor ("Neon Flats" and "Neon Flats Top Floor") show up as different settlement in my Pip-Boy's "Workshops" menu?

Because this is how the Neon Flats designed. The two floors are built in two different cells, in two different locations and in two different encounter zones as well. Changing this would require a lot of modification. The Neon Flats Creation Club content is not free so I definitely won't merge them.

The Neon Flats' first and top floor will act as different settlements. You will only see the first floor (Neon Flats) on your Pip-Boy map. However, you will see both first floor (Neon Flats) and top floor (Neon Flats Top Floor) in your Pip-Boy's "Workshops" menu.

Consequently, you have to have establish supply lines for both floors. Only the first floor's supply line will be visible on your map. Don't worry, the top floor's supply line will work perfectly just it won't be visible on your map.
(I can make two different map markers for the two floors if needed so you can see both supply lines but I thought that two close map markers wouldn't look very nice..)

Neon Flats as Full Settlement:


This mod does not include and thus requires the Creation Club content Noir Penthouse.


You can install this mod before/after starting the quest "Neon Winter", it doesn't matter.


After the Neon Flats has been registered in the Workshop system, this mod cannot be safely unregistered/deleted. Settlements aren't meant to be "deleted" from the Worshop system related scripts.

So if you're downloading this mod, it should not be deleted.


Tom Seddon for the Creation Club Content Neon Flats.