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Alters the crafting recipe for molotov cocktails. Removes oil and adhesive requirements and introduces petrol as a crafting component.

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While playing Fallout 4 I often found myself frustrated with how expensive Molotov Cocktails are to craft as opposed to finding them in the wild. The Adhesive requirement is nonsensical for such a common consumable and the oil requirement felt odd as the game has many alcohol items to pick from.

This mod removes the adhesive and oil requirements altogether, replacing them with a new component, petrol. Petrol is made from strong alcohols (meaning beer and wine can't be used) mixed with plastic at a cooking station. Afterward, a large quantity of it is used alongside cloth and glass to make a molotov cocktail.

This means that creating a molotov cocktail now requires less rare ingredients, but requires you to use two separate crafting stations.

Crafting Molotov Cocktails
The recipe for Molotov Cocktails no longer uses Oil and Adhesives. The new recipe is this:

1 Cloth
2 Glass
5 Petrol

Glass was kept as a required component instead of switching it over to an actual bottle item (such as an empty beer bottle) for the sake of simplicity.

Crafting Petrol
Petrol is made at a cooking station, the recipes are found in the Utility category. It requires 5 plastic and a strong alcoholic beverage. Different drinks yield different amounts of petrol :

  • Whiskey: 4 Petrol
  • Rum: 5 Petrol
  • Bourbon: 8 Petrol
  • Vodka: 10 Petrol
  • Bobrov's Best Moonshine: 15 Petrol

Beer and Wine aren't used for crafting petrol due to their relatively low volume of alcohol, but also primarily to avoid creating a longer list of recipes which would significantly clutter the interface. Dirty Wastelanders aren't usable for the same reasons. The only DLC alcoholic drink was not added to maximize compatibility.

Molotov Crafting Redone should be compatible with any mod that does not touch the recipe for crafting Molotov Cocktails. Mods which add new alcoholic drinks will obviously not be compatible either.

The mod does not change anything related to leveled lists, vendor lists, and the Molotov Cocktail item itself, so it's compatible with mods which rebalances them without issues.

For the sake of compatibility, leveled lists and vendor lists have not been touched. DLC has also been excluded for the same reason.

Also of note is that Petrol does not weigh anything in order to ensure consistency with mods which remove Junk weight.