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added some armor, weapons and ammo to the game start, with the scripts to use the item before getting the pipboy. Also moved the Extra meat mag fromSunshine to the vault because It bugged me to not get bonus on Radroachs you are forced to kill.

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Completely rebuilt the mod after removing all mods from any source to try to flush out dependency to vault suit mod, which I did NOT seem to really have.

There may still be dependency upon DLCs, as I built this using GOTY edition. I tried to avoid this, but I have no idea how I can test for that.

If you know how please pass that information on to me.

Moved  Wasteland Survival Guide 09, "Hunting in the Wastes", that permanently collects extra meat, perk magazine from 
Sunshine Tidings co-op to Vault 111 Cryo starting area.

Added a Skeleton Container with a Combat knife, Combat rifle, a 10mm pistol , a few Stimpaks, and extra ammo for the weapons
These items are one offs from the standard, slightly improved.

All weapons and armor  from the container should auto-equip and favorite to slots not used by standard items.
Made the glasses auto-equip as well.

Added more Radroaches to get experience gained closer to next level.

Added Item that gives the fill bottle perk IF the Fill bottle on any difficulty level mod is in use. otherwise, its just more junk.

As this was really never intended for more than circulation to a small, closed group, I will not be spending much more effort on it. I consider it finished unless someone finds some glaring problem, like the accidental inclusion of mod dependency.