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Windows for the Red Rocket building.

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First, Happy New Year! Hoping that it will be better than the last year, with less viruses. Be healthy and stay safe.

Second, I still don't have any intention to make a series of "window" themed mods :) .

A couple of window panes for the building of the Red Rocket station near Sanctuary.

The mod should benefit from texture overhauls, regarding the following vanilla textures:
  • Diffuse Map -> Interiors/Vault/VltResHallWindow01_Damage_d.DDS
  • Cube Map -> shared/cubemaps/roomwindowhighlightscube.dds
  • Cube Map -> Shared/Cubemaps/mipblur_DefaultOutside1.dds
Everything else is edited/created from vanilla assets, but placed in a different folder.
There was no need to generate precombined geometry and precombined visibility, since the mod doesn't touch existing objects from the cell. Put the ESP before other mods, which do have precombines and previs(refer to image with example). It's not compatible with mods, which: put windows or shutters on the same spot; remove/replace/significantly change the RR building.

After making the screenshots, I decided to experiment a little more, to try separating the meshes to interior and exterior. They have materials with different environment maps(the cube maps described above).

Install only one of the Main files. The plugin has ESL flag.
  • Basic - Adds windows for the Red Rocket station near Sanctuary.
  • Commonwealth - Adds windows for all Red Rocket stations in the main game. There are 3 locations with exceptions, where an oil lamp is placed on one of the window frames. The window pane there is set to no respawn and is initially disabled. The window pane can be scrapped for 5 glass. It is possible to move it with Place Everywhere.
  • Commonwealth and DLC - In addition to the main game, this covers RR stations in Far Harbor and Nuka World. The window pane can be scrapped for 5 glass. It is possible to move it with Place Everywhere.
Everything from the Compatibility section, applies here as well.

  • Basic with Shutter Compatibility - This is optional file, download and install after the Basic version, replace the plugin. The window panes are moved back(toward the interior), so they don't create clipping issues with the shutters from Red Rocket - Window Shutters and Custom Doors mod.

Mod from the example, used for testing and screenshots: MDF Red Rocket Clean.

Tools used: CK, FO4Edit, NifSkope, Outfit Studio and GIMP.