Fallout 4

About this mod

This is a save game completing only quests required to get to Molecular Level. Pick your faction or none at all and go from there. Also includes pre-built radiant settlements using only vanilla items.

Permissions and credits
Brief description:  This is a save game with the minimum done up to Molecular Level.  You decide which faction builds the teleporter.  The character is a level 11 female with no perk points spent.  I looted corpses along the way and magazines.  Also included are prebuilt radiant settlements: Sanctuary, Tenpines Bluff, County Crossing, Greentop Nursery, Oberland Station, Nordhagen Beach, Somerville Place, The Slog, Warwick Homestead and a personal residence at Red Rocket.  This is a vanilla save except for Transfer Settlements.  I typically add about 150 mods to this save without issue.

More specifically:  I create a lot of characters.  Sometimes I just wander around on survival, sometimes I focus on a faction.  I've done the initial quests more times than I care to anymore so have been using this save file as a starting point for nearly all my characters.  And if I do want to work on settlements, I seriously hate scrapping, particularly Sanctuary.  So Sanctuary has been scrapped except for some locked containers.  Along with all the required quests up to The Molecular Level, the Sole Survivor assisted Danse at Arcjet Systems (Call to Arms) and told him she wasn't sure if she wanted to join to keep all options open.

If you want to join the Minutemen, unless you are using a mod which limits quests, Preston will ask you to be General right away when speaking to him.  Mention the blueprints (you don't have to give them to Sturges), and he will then bring up taking The Castle.  When I do feel like doing a Minutemen run, I use a second save file in which I've already cleared out and built The Castle.  You just need to hook up the power to the main building and the radio receiver when you arrive.  I did this because I usually lose one or both Minuteman in the fight, and I have to leave and sleep for three days after loading the settlement before activating power....and I hate scrapping.  Along with The Castle, this second save file also has Sunshine Tidings built up because...scrapping.  Did I mention I hate scrapping?

The console was used.  COC was used to get to each location to avoid getting too much experience and quicker travel.  TGM was used since she only has starter gear.  The mod Own All Radiant Settlements was used to acquire the radiant settlements and then removed after sleeping one hour.  She slept for three days to allow each settlement to settle and double check they were functioning.  I come up with my own reasons as to why the settlements are established with so few settlers living there....supermutants, raiders, synths, disease, etc.  Sometimes I use one or two settlements just for trading purposes.  I use Spawn Settler Button to get them set up (and then pretend that never happened)

Regarding the settlements, Tenpines, Oberland, and Nordhagen are based on my transfer settlement mods I've previously uploaded.  Sanctuary is a smaller build than what I previously shared.  I haven't shared County Crossing, Greentop Nursury, or Somerville Place, so I've included the blueprints (along with the smaller Sanctuary and The Castle) as optional files for anyone who is interested.  The Slog just has defenses and Warwick just enough for a guard and provisioner.  I don't think my Red Rocket and Sunshine Tidings are worthwhile to upload honestly.  But if someone wants them for whatever reason, I can add those blueprints as well.

The character's appearance is just a minor tweak to one of the vanilla presets.  To change your appearance, use Looks Mirror.  To change your name, open the console and type player.showspecialmenu


Special notes for anyone downloading the blueprints:  Greentop and Somerville just require scrapping some surrounding brush.  Sanctuary requires scrapping the first dilapidated building on the left, and then the next one on the right.  County Crossing requires all the crops and the two beds to be scrapped.  The farming plot needed to be pushed further out to make room for the building.  Just scrap the junk and furniture inside of The Castle.

1/14/21 - As requested, added blueprints for Sunshine Tidings, Red Rocket, and Warwick Homestead.  For Sunshine Tidings, scrap all interiors but leave the wide cabinet that has the computer on it in the barn along with the outhouse interior across from the barn.  For Red Rocket, leave the desk with the computer, the chair, and the filing cabinet to the right that isn't broken.  In the garage, leave the sink, garage diagnostic cart, and power armor station.  Leave all crafting stations.  At Warwick, there may be a cooking pot in the way to scrap, but otherwise you shouldn't have to scrap anything.