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Adds the iconic Silverballer pistol featured in HITMAN™ to Fallout 4. Also includes the black ICA19 pistol.

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Adds two new weapons to the game: Silverballer and ICA19.

The iconic pistol featured in the HITMAN games, now available in Fallout 4. This pistol is very powerful, but it has lower rate of fire than other pistols. The weapon also has the Hitman's legendary effect, which increases damage by 10% when aiming down the sights.

This mod also includes the ICA19 pistol. It does less damage than Silverballer but has slightly faster rate of fire. The ICA19 has the Assassin's legendary effect, which increases damage against humans by 50%.

Both pistols can be crafted at a chemistry station. Crafting ICA19 has no perk requirements, but crafting Silverballer requires Gun Nut 2.

ICA19 stats:
  • Base damage: 16
  • Ammo: .45
  • Weight: 3
  • AP cost: 21

Silverballer stats:
  • Base damage: 24
  • Ammo: .45
  • Weight: 3
  • AP cost: 25

  • Standard receiver
  • Hardened receiver (+8 damage)
  • Powerful receiver (+16 damage)
  • Advanced receiver (+24 damage)
  • Refined receiver (+32 damage)
  • Standard grip
  • Comfort grip (improved aiming speed)
  • Standard magazine
  • Quick Eject Magazine (improved reload speed)
  • Suppressor (silences weapon, inferior range)