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Adjusts the scrounger perk rank 4 to refund ammo on reload instead of when you fire the last bullet from the weapon's magazine.

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It always bothered me that the scrounger refund ammo ability only worked when you fired the last bullet. This mod aims to fix this by making it always work on reload and instead of refunding the full magazine it will refund the number of bullets that you actually shot.
Requires F4SE and MCM.


- Scrounger now works on reload instead of when firing the last bullet.
- Customize the chance for the ability to fire using MCM.
- (Optional) Increase the chance based on the player's luck stat (1 point = an additional 1% chance) using MCM.
- (Optional) Allow grenades to also be refunded.


- Works with any mods that add custom weapons/ammo and weapon attachments that modify ammo count or change ammo type.
- This mod edits scrounger perk form and disables the default functionality as it handles it internally using scripting. This means that it's incompatible with any other mods that edit the same perk.


- This mod currently ONLY supports the latest versions of Fallout 4 and F4SE which are 1.10.163 and 0.6.21 respectively. I haven't tested it any other versions but I am pretty sure it won't work. This is due to the way this mod is implemented.


Recommend downloading it from a mod manager. For manual users copy the content of the data folder to your Fallout 4 data folder.

- Expired6978: When I started this mod, I had no clue how to even compile an F4SE plugin. His plugins served as a good reference to check from. I also asked him a question and he gave me a good pointer on which topic to read in order to implement my mod.
- Fantafaust: I was stuck on something with the mod and they helped me a lot on the nexusmods forums.
- F4SE Team: For their hard work on adding more features to FO4. Without them this mod wouldn't have probably existed.