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This simple mod turns Overseer Valery Barstow of Vault 88 from a ghoul into a human. Choose between a young and an old variant.

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In all my hundreds of hours in Vault 88, I never got used to seeing Overseer Barstow as a ghoul.  Other mods that change her race either default her as the 'standard' human player model or give her an entirely new look.  In this mod I personally copied her facegen data, giving us Overseer Barstow as she was before the war.  

There is a young version and elderly version.  The only difference between the young and elderly versions of this mod are cosmetic.  I have played through the entire Vault 88 questline and have staffed a full vault with both versions and found no issues. 

Lore wise I imagine she had a personal Vault-Tec cryo pod that she has slept in, waking only to tend to Julian and scare off the occasional raider gang at the door.  She was probably also a heavy smoker, giving her the iconic raspy 'ghoul voice'.